Tuhdimmat Tahdit 2023 - Day 2 (17/06/2023)

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Day two started with a pleasant surprise, to help with the heat they more than doubled the amount of water taps, which drastically decreased the waiting time. Just as much if a pleasant surprise was Carnival Academy, who got their spot on the festival through the Tuhdimmat Tahdit band competition. Next up were Heavy Metal Perse and then Antony Parviainen Trio playing their versions of Iron Maiden songs. Turmion Kätilöt were a big party, of weirdness, as usual.  

Metalite from Sweden, like so many others on the smaller Tahtilava had some technical problems. But at least that didn’t seem to dampen their mood. Wolfheart gave us a bit of a contrast in the programme with their slightly melancholic and melodic music. And with their tormented reindeers from hell. It was great to finally see Sara Strömmer and Shereign again, they just have such a nice atmosphere. Before the Dawn have been in the business for a while and that shows, everything looks to work like a well-oiled clockwork.  

Yet again there were technical problems at the Tahtilava, but Brymir played it well, by first using the time to introduce the band members and when things still didn’t work after that Viktor gave us a little improvised rap. Finally, Steve the pike went flying into a ‘fishpit’. All in all, a great show. Mokoma started of the celebration for the 20th anniversary of their ‘Kurimus‘ album. Swallow the Sun are simply in their own world and try hard to bring us to this gloomy dark world too. Which isn’t that easy on a hot and still very bright summer day, but I think they still succeeded quite well.  

Last but certainly not least were Battle Beast, who also brought along enough pyro to burn down the festival area. Between all the fire, it’s only safe to let us in the photo pit for 1 song. But they’re also a lot of fun from a bit further back, and so it was a very lovely why for me to finish off this festival weekend.  

Although the continuous troubles on the Tahtilava were a bit annoying and the heat really taking a toll on me, l had a really good time, and I’m quite sure I’ll be back some other year. This many bands for this price is already a great bargain, but combined with the small kinda intimate feeling of the festival and the very friendly staff this is certainly a festival you should consider visiting. Especially if you’re like me, the type of person who doesn’t like things to be too crowded.  

Check out the pictures of day 1 here.

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