News Posts

Finnish melodic gothic doomster outfit Hanging Garden announced to be releasing the ‘Citylight Sessions’ EP in April via Agonia Records with remakes of 5 tracks from last year’s album ‘The Garden’!

Gothic doom metal outfit Tomorrow’s Rain announced their upcoming new album ‘Ovdan’ to be released in April via AOP Records, featuring a wide array of impressive guests from bands like Mayhem, Mercyful Fate, Sisters of Mercy, Dark Funeral and Sol Invictus! And last week, they shared the first single and video ‘Sunrise’!

Tuska completed their 2024 line-up with the addition of Kerry King and 6 domestic acts with Kaunis Kuolematon, The Abbey, NightStop, Suotana, Malformed and Shereign. The Tuska KVLT bands still need to be announced, though! Get your tickets now!

British death-doom legends My Dying Bride announced their upcoming 15th studio album ‘A Mortal Binding’ to be released in April via Nuclear Blast and shared the new single ‘Thornwyck Hymn’!

Dutch funeral doom metal act Angmodnes shared their latest new video ‘The Hours’, a track from their upcoming album ‘Rot Of The Soul’, set for release in a couple of weeks via Meuse Music Records and Tragedy Productions!

Polish extreme metal collective Shadohm shared their new video single ‘Blurred’, a track from their upcoming debut ‘Through Darkness Towards Enlightenment’, set for release via Selfmadegod Records in March!

Australian dark folk/blackgaze project Suldusk shared the new single ‘Crystalline’ with a gripping new video, another track from the upcoming ‘Anthesis’ album, set for release in the beginning of March via Napalm Records!

Faroese death/doom outfit Hamferð to release ‘Men Guðs hond er sterk’ album in March via Metal Blade Records and share a first single with ‘Ábær’!

Selfmadegod Records presents ‘Through Darkness Towards Enlightenment’, the debut album from new Polish metal collective SHADOHM with current and ex-members of bands like Vader, Decapitated and Antigama, set for release in March!

Dutch funeral doom act Angmodnes announces their new album ‘Rot Of The Soul’ to be released in March via Meuse Music Records and Tragedy Productions, and share the opening track ‘Beneath’!

Album Reviews

Kings of cavernous death doom Spectral Voice return with one of the year’s most monolithic albums. “Sparagmos” borders into the spectral realms and portrays the band’s unique take in a more crushing and dismal manner, released via Dark Descent Records on February 9th.

Montréal-based death metal band Phobocosm shows great intellect in blending the modern dissonance with cavernous death doom style. The third album “Foreordained” was released via Dark Descent Records yesterday, December 8th.

20 Buck Spin presents the latest split album “Starpath”, unfolding the blissful serene and grim nature of Dream Unending and Worm in a special release, integrating the light side of yin and the dark side of yang in a beautiful symmetry. Out on November 24th.

After embedding their sound in the realms of blackened death/doom, U.K.’s quartet Strigoi returns with a short EP “Bathed in A Black Sun”, presenting fans with exclusive and unreleased tracks out via Season of Mist.

Sorcerer returns with an epic dark album on its fourth installment “Reign of the Reaper” and brings an absolutely great slab of late 80s and early 90s heavy metal out since yesterday via Metal Blade Records.

U.S. heavy/doom metal veterans Cirith Ungol return with their sixth epic studio album “Dark Parade”, presenting eight thundering hymns of glorious 80s heavy metal, out on October 20th via Metal Blade Records.

On their full-length debut album “Mass Grave Horizon” Portland, Oregan quartet Excarnated Entity delivers am oppressive slab of crushing death/doom metal. The album was released on September 8th, via Nuclear Winter Records.

From Albion’s shores hails ‘The Devil and his Wicked Ways’, the debut album from Roots of the Old Oak’, treating you to some undistilled death doom straight from the nineties. Out on September 15 via Hammerheart Records.

The international black/doom metal collective The Rite offers a chilling atmosphere of horror on their sophomore album, “The Astral Gloom. For those who like their music dark and mysterious, look no further. Released via Iron Bonehead Productions.

Debuting with ‘Haunted Funeral Creations’, the three guys from Californian death metal outfit Conjureth are channeling their more doom inspired visions via Tumulation. Out now via Hammerheart Records.