The Rock Fest 2018

    Since last year Finland is yet another big rock and metal event richer. The Rock Fest immediately caught the attention of people all over the country and far beyond...

    Steelfest 2018

    Steelfest 2018 was again a weekend filled with underground music celebrating black mass and pagan rituals. Check out the pictures we took at the event!

    Myrkur “Folkesange” (Konepajan Bruno)

    Pictures of a dark, cozy and atmospheric acoustic show by the illustrious Myrkur...

    Cyhra (Nosturi, FI)

    The debut show of Cyhra was quite the event and support bands Eyes Wide Open & Ember Falls made it even more interesting!

    Righteous Vendetta – Cursed

    An album filled with a positive message, heavy music and tons of catchiness...

    Tuska Open Air 2017

    The pictures of a weekend of celebrations and discoveries at the 20th anniversary of Tuska Open Air!

    Machinae Supremacy (Nosturi, Helsinki)

    A set of pictures of the amazing night and party that was brought to us by these electronic music infused heavy bands!

    Wolfheart (Virgin Oil Co., Helsinki)

    New Winter Metal came to us in Helsinki!

    Royal Republic (Nosturi)

    Royal Republic rocking out with the support of Blind Channel in Nosturi (Helsinki, Finland).

    Skillet – Unleashed

    Skillet "Unleashed" their brand new creations to the world!