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Helsinki has a brand-new city festival which is really taking aim at already established fests with a quality line-up of bands that you don’t see all that often gathered in Finland! The second weekend of August, the first edition of Hellsinki Metal Festival will take place, enriching the metal scene with another promising event!

Name : Hellsinki Metal Festival
Country : Finland
Amount of Days : 2
Outdoors / Indoors : Outdoors & Indoors
Amount of Stages : 3
Genres : Power Metal, Black Metal, Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock, Symphonic Metal, Alternative Metal, Metalcore, Melodic Death Metal, Djent, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Doom Metal, Deathcore, Synth, EBM, Melodic Metal

The Bands

As mentioned already in the intro, the line-up can be called rather impressive. Usually you get about 50/50 international and domestic bands, but this organization has opted to rather have a majority coming from outside Finland. Which has resulted in a line-up that Finland has rarely seen. And of those Finnish bands chosen to be playing at the fest, they chose bands that are not your usual suspects. Making this a great combination of well-known and established metal bands, up-and-coming bands and a healthy dose of cult! You’ll find various types of thrash, black and death metal, combined with some legendary power metal acts and spiced up with some other genres and surprising choices.

Besides the big names like power metal legends Helloween and Blind Guardian, you get to enjoy other major names of their respective scenes like Emperor, Dark Funeral, Leprous, Watain and Stratovarius, but also bands that haven’t been here for quite a moment, or in some cases never even. What about Voivod, Sodom, I Am Morbid, Samael, Vomitory or Pentagram? Just have a look at that line-up and try to tell us you’re not at least somewhat impressed…

The Timing

Hellsinki Metal Festival takes place the second weekend of August, from Friday August 11 – 12.

The gates open at 13:00 on both days, with the first bands starting at 13:30.

The last bands start around midnight on the inside Kaaos stage (Batushka on Friday, Watain on Saturday), so you can count on the festival wrapping up completely some time past 01:00 in the night. The last bands on the outside stages start at 21:00 (Dark Funeral on Friday, Bury Tomorrow on Saturday) and 22:00 (Helloween on Friday, Emperor on Saturday).

The Grounds

The festival area is set at the Helsinki Hockey arena area by Nordenskiöldinkatu, AKA Nordis or “Nordiksella” as the Finns call it, where you can find Jäähalli or Helsinki Ice Halls, where many of the bigger rock and metal shows take place throughout the year.

The area is outfitted with three stages: 2 open air stages and 1 indoor stage.

  • Hellsinki 01 – open air
  • Hellsinki 02 – open air
  • Kaaos Stage – Black Box Jäähalli

You’ll find plenty of bars and food trucks, a “R.I.P. Necropolis area” (which is their take on VIP tickets), and a “Brutal Bazaar” expo hall with vendors. We don’t know much more yet ourselves, since this is the first edition of the fest and have to experience things still.

A more detailed festival grounds map will be released still closer up to the festival – so check their social media as we get closer!

This is the way

Like we already mentioned, the festival grounds are at the Helsinki Hockey arena. The entrance to the festival will be from the Nordenskiöldinkatu side – so aim to arrive to that side of the arena.

The festival area does not have its own parking available and the nearby region doesn’t have much parking spots – so don’t count on being able to park your car easily. It’s recommended to come by public transportation or walking. And why wouldn’t you?

There is a major train station (Pasila station) on a good 15-20 min walk from the area, which has trains until quite late in all possible directions, getting you to Helsinki center in a matter of minutes.

The location on Google maps: – remember, the entrance will be on the Nordenskiöldinkatu side of the festival area.

Public transport schedules can be found here

The Stay

The festival doesn’t have camping grounds or other arranged accommodation. They advise booking your accommodation soon – so rush if you haven’t yet. For hotel options, they recommend to check locations of the Scandic hotel chain, since that’s their partner organization.

“Book your stay for the festival through Scandic Hotels! Click here for bookings!

But if those options are already all out or a bit too much money to your liking, there are so many different ways you could go in Helsinki with plenty of reasonably priced hotels, hostels and a lot of cool Airbnb options available. Or if it’s not so important that you’re staying in Helsinki itself, you could turn your gaze at other close by cities like for instance Tikkurila or even consider some of the cheap hotels and hostels in the airport region. It’s really easy to get from any of those places to Pasila train station, which is a 15-20 minute walk away from the festival grounds.

Grub and Booze

The festival organizers have been teasing us with statements such as “A versatile food service is coming to the festival area”. They’ve also reassured that the selection will include meat, vegetarian and vegan options. For now, they have listed that the food options will be provided by:

  • Helldogs
  • Rock N Roll Sushi
  • MR. Noodle
  • Health Club
  • Boneless
  • Gorilla BBQ
  • Eppus Cheesesteak
  • Hell Dog
  • Dating pub
  • Three Friends ice cream
  • Naughty Waffles
  • Back To Fries
  • Feastie Boys
  • Thai Papya

Some of these might sound familiar to people who have been to Tuska or have gone for lunch in some areas in Helsinki, one thing is sure: it seems that you’ll be in for a treat!

And what comes to the wetter side of things; the festival organizer has assured us that there will be a wide selection of different refreshments available, as well as multiple bars in the area. They’ve also teased us that they will also be serving their own beer created for this festival: See You In Hell – Brutal Fu***ng Lager! Which is created in collaboration between Hellsinki Metal Festival and a local brewer called Espoon Oma Panimo. We’re at least intrigued to get to taste this creation!

We’d advise you to follow their social media accounts, as we’re sure to get to know more details as we get closer to the festival!

Damage and Tickets

    2 days - Basic Ticket: €139

    Friday - Basic Ticket: €98.5

    Saturday - Basic Ticket: €98.5

    2 days R.I.P. -ticket: €189.5

    Friday R.I.P. -ticket: €158.5

    Saturday R.I.P. -ticket: €158.5

Tickets: Click Here

Good To Know

Brutal Bazar x Hellsinki Metal Festival

There will also be an expo area called the Brutal Bazaar. This is said to be an area not fit for skiddish people. They tease that it will attract those who have an exceptional and relentless passion for all things heavy. In this expo area, we can expect to meet various experiences which was described by the organization to be challenging traditions and taking you on a trip through the shadows of the metal world. The spirit and raw power of rebellion are intertwined, setting your senses ablaze and feeding your imagination. You can witness the talent of artists as they breathe life to their dark visions, where each creation is full of the spirit of metal.

Let the music guide you when you explore the Brutal Bazaar. Sink into the sinfonie surrounding you where the guitars roll, drums pound and the sung melodies meld together into a harmonious chaos. The Brutal Bazar contains the true being of metal and offers a canvas for self-expression, creativity and to celebrate the unusual. It is a space where artists, craftsmen, and hobbyists meet and form a community, which is combined by their shared love towards all things metal.

What that all means and what we’ll find there is still a big mystery to us as well, but definitely call us intrigued!

They have not yet shared the list of the vendors to be found here, as you can still apply to be a vendor here:


Cash or card?

You’ll be able to pay with cards and cash in the festival area – but the festival organizer recommends contactless payment.


Any kind of bullying, violence or hate speech is not welcome at Hellsinki Metal Festival. If you experience a feeling of insecurity at the festival or witness inappropriate behavior, please notify the nearest security officer. They want to offer everyone a positive and friendly environment, which is why they have zero tolerance for this kind of activity.

Security check

A security check will be performed for the festival visitors at the entrance of the festival. All festival customers go through a security check every time they enter the gates of the festival area. All bags are checked before entering the festival area.

Permitted items
• Empty 0.5l transparent water bottle (no glass)
• Backpacks and bags, max volume 18 liters
• Cameras (max. 70mm lens)
• GoPro
• Medicines (prescription)
• Chocolate bars, etc. for justified reasons
• Sun oils
• Binoculars
• Make-up
• Hand sanitizer (max 100 ml)

Prohibited items:
• Professional camera gear (more than 70mm lens)
• Laptops, tablets
• Video cameras
• Umbrellas
• Selfie sticks / tripods for the camera
• Bicycles, kick, and skateboards
• Glass bottles, jars, and cans (regardless of the content)
• Alcoholic products and narcotic substances
• Firearms, bladed and percussion weapons
• Multifunctional tools
• Explosives
• Attention vests/jackets
• Snacks (small snacks, e.g. chocolate bars allowed)
• Fireworks, torches, lasers
• Thick chains
• Pets
• Picnic chairs, prams, and strollers
• Flags and banners

In addition to this, the distribution of various posters and flyers, as well as crowd-surfing, is prohibited in the festival area.

The organizers have the right to ban other items as well if they consider it appropriate.

First aid

Hellsinki Metal Festival is prepared for accidents and small injuries. There is a comprehensive first aid station and competent first aid personnel in the festival area. You can find the exact location of the first aid station on the regional map published closer to the event. The festival’s own first aid team can patch up small wounds right on the spot and can provide first aid in the festival area. If you need help, contact any of the festival staff, first aid workers or security personnel.

The most important advice – take care of your friends and be kind to other festival patrons.

The Preparties

To create a full experience, besides the main event itself, Hellsinki Metal Festival set up a nice line-up of pre-party concert series at Bar Loose in Helsinki center. While most of them have already taken place over the past months, there is one more left on Thursday August 10, with Throes Of Dawn (who haven’t been see in Helsinki for quite a few years), Marianas Rest (death/doom -band from Kotka who just released their latest album Auer) and Azatoth (death metal band from Vantaa) to get you prepped well for the next 2 days!

The preparty costs with a festival bracelet is 10€, and without a bracelet in pre-sales 13€, at the doors 15€.

Advance tickets are sold by Tiketti!


There is on that day also a pre-party at Korjaamo with local up-and-coming bands Assemble The Chariots, My Favourite Nemesis, and Kneel Before The Death.

Tickets here:

The Afterparties

And a city festival in Helsinki wouldn’t feel right without afterparties where you can catch some amazing Finnish bands if your thirst for good music hasn’t been met yet! The afterparties take place at On The Rocks (a rock bar a stone throw away from Helsinki central station) and Korjaamo (an old tram station that is further away but easily reachable by public transport or e-scooter) and cost with a festival bracelet is 10€, without a bracelet 15€.

Friday 11/08

On The Rocks with
…And Oceans

Korjaamo with
Balance Breach
Luna Kills

Saturday 12/08

On the Rocks stage has still 1 slot available, as that slot will be filled in with the winner of the festival organizer’s competition they’re arranging on their social media channels.

On The Rocks with
King Satan
+ support (still to be announced, will be the winner of a competition set up by the organization)

Korjaamo with
Black Crucifixion

The official afterparty tickets are on sale now! Click here for tickets and info!

A highly promising new addition to the festival scene in the country of metal – or as the festival organizer says “adding more color – or well more black” to the Helsinki heavy music scene.

Check and follow their social media accounts (IG & FB) as they’re very active and responsive to the audience to be – so don’t miss out on any updates and scoops coming up as the festival nears closer!

Check also their Spotify for the official playlist of the festival (or ours that you can find here) to get in the right mood!

Hope to see you there! If you see the GRIMM logo on us – say hi!

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