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Helsinki has a brand-new city festival which is really taking aim at already established fests with a quality line-up of bands that you don’t see all that often gathered in Finland! The second weekend of August, the first edition of Hellsinki Metal Festival will take place, enriching the metal scene with another promising event!

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Alcatraz Metal and Hard Rock Festival in Kortrijk, Belgium has quickly grown out to become one of the biggest festivals for the lovers of heavy music in the country. We heard people say more than once that they are going to Alcatraz now yearly instead of Graspop because of the nicer atmosphere where it feels like coming home every time. Since its humble beginnings as a 1 stage, 1-day, indoors festival, it has grown out to become an impressive 3-day festival with 4 stages and over 100 bands to choose from over your stay. And this year marks the 15th anniversary already of an event that is marked in a whole lot of peoples calendars.

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Tuska, one of Helsinki’s longest running metal and rock festivals, has been a permanent mark in our calendars since 2016, and it seems like every year things are getting better still. For those who are looking to visit one of the greatest fests of the capital of metal, Finland, here is a bit of information about the festival and things surrounding the event:

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After last year’s massive 10th anniversary celebration weekend of Steelfest, it seems everyone got a taste for a more extended version of the fest. So this year is the first time they embark into an adventure that brings us 3 full days instead of what used to be 2 days only. And of course, we’re not complaining one bit! Every single edition they bring some of the best of the best of the underground scene ranging between black metal, death metal and from time to time some more doomy stuff with even a couple of surprises here and there. This is a festival you didn’t want to miss out on if you’re any bit into underground metal without compromises!

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In just 4 weeks time, over the Memorial Weekend holiday, Downtown Las Vegas plays host to the 23rd Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival, a celebration of all things punk rock.

From small beginnings in 1999, the festival has grown and now features more than 120 bands over a four-day period. The main festival outdoors features 2 stages where bands are timed so that performances do not overlap. At the cessation of each night’s outdoor festival club shows take place at various locations in Downtown Vegas.

The festival also features free pool parties with bands playing and of course the famous bowling tournament.

The good weather, 15000 like-minded people, great bands and the general craziness of Downtown Vegas make for a memorable festival every year. It’s good to see old bands still cutting it, but it is also a joy to discover new and upcoming bands that you may not have heard of or normally get the chance to see.

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Tuska in Helsinki has been a yearly celebration that was sorely missed the past couple of years due to the pandemic. Luckily it seems that festivals are finally back at full force and so is Tuska! With some new elements, some line-up that was brought along from those cancelled editions and a whole lot of excitement about one of our favorite festivals being back, we can hardly wait!

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Back in 2017, rock and metal lovers in Finland (and surroundings) were caught by surprise with the very first edition of Rockfest that offered an impressive line-up, including headliners Rammstein and Evanescence. Despite some elements that weren’t organized as well, that first edition was a huge success and 2 more editions followed, each one even more epic and killer than before. In 2020 came the plan to move to a totally other city for a complete overhaul of the fest, but the pandemic decided otherwise. Now we’re 2022 and eagerly awaiting the arrival of another edition of one of Finland’s biggest rock and metal festivals, back at the familiar grounds in Hyvinkää. Let us hope that there is a certain amount of luck coming along with that and that it’ll be yet another epic experience to talk about for the rest of the Summer!

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Festivals that go for something different, for the weird, dark and unique, those are the events that we enjoy immensely. You can be rest assured that you will discover something new and intriguing as good as every time you attend to such a more underground gathering of artists. And it’s always a great opportunity to catch bands that rarely come to your country. For the people in Finland who wanted to make it to Roadburn Festival but couldn’t, they might want to turn their attention towards Sonic Rites, as many of the artists on their bill have just recently taken up stages at the legendary Dutch festival’s 2022 edition.

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Steelfest 2022 is 4-day celebration of devil`s 10 year path.
50 bands in 4-Days full of un-compromised metal terror.

We’ve been steady supporters of the Steelfest events and now finally after 2 years of delays and much drama, the 10th year anniversary edition of Steelfest seems to be happening! With twice the amount of days than normally, way more bands and a couple of more surprises along the way, this is simply a festival you won’t want to miss out on this year if you’re any bit into underground metal without compromises!

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First ever attempt to make Helsinki a desert city!

There is Desertfest Antwerp, Berlin, London,… but nothing of the sorts in Finland despite a pretty active stoner/psychedelic/doom scene. Time to change something about that, some people were clearly thinking. Enter the first ever Desert Hel festival for the heaviest stoner and doom music from Finnish shores and beyond. It promises to be a weekend full of loud & fuzzy shows, craft beer and psychedelic visuals and hopefully the start of a new yearly tradition after having to postpone it several times due to the pandemic!

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