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Back in 2017, rock and metal lovers in Finland (and surroundings) were caught by surprise with the very first edition of Rockfest that offered an impressive line-up, including headliners Rammstein and Evanescence. Despite some elements that weren’t organized as well, that first edition was a huge success and 2 more editions followed, each one even more epic and killer than before. In 2020 came the plan to move to a totally other city for a complete overhaul of the fest, but the pandemic decided otherwise. Now we’re 2022 and eagerly awaiting the arrival of another edition of one of Finland’s biggest rock and metal festivals, back at the familiar grounds in Hyvinkää. Let us hope that there is a certain amount of luck coming along with that and that it’ll be yet another epic experience to talk about for the rest of the Summer!

Name : Rockfest
Country : Finland
Amount of Days : 3
Outdoors / Indoors : Outdoors
Amount of Stages : 3
Genres : Alternative Metal, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Modern Metal, Metalcore, Hard Rock, Symphonic Metal, Power Metal, Punk Rock, Industrial Metal, Death Metal, Progressive Metal, Doom Metal, Hardcore Punk, Hardcore, Folk, Alternative Rock, Punk, Post-Punk, Rap Metal

The Bands

Every edition, Rockfest brings some of the biggest stars to the Finnish shores and their stages and this year is no different. With headliners Nightwish on the Thursday, Scorpions on the Friday and Iron Maiden on the Saturday you’re already sure of some shows you won’t be forgetting any time soon. Add to that established and up-and-coming international acts like Megadeth, Biffy Clyro, Bring Me The Horizon, Killing Joke, The Hives, Black Label Society, Candlemass, Heaven Shall Burn, Kvelertak, Fever 333, British Lion, Bokassa, Me And That Man, Cleopatrick and The Raven Age, of which many will be setting foot in Finland for the first time or returning gloriously after years and years of absence.

And as is tradition with most Finnish festivals, there is plenty of room for national acts to show off the musical talent that this country brings forth. This usually translates into a line-up with about 50% Finnish acts and this year is exactly like that again with Amorphis, Blind Channel, Mokoma, Lost Society, Diablo, Static Dress, Ursus Factory, Moon Shot, Sarparanta, Huora, Lähiöbotox, Cypheri6, Nyrkkitappelu, Silver Bullet, Battledragon, Foreseen and Stoned Statues!

The Timing

The festival will take place during the first weekend of June and every day starts early in the afternoon with:

  • on Thursday doors opening at 14:00 and first band starting at 16:00
  • on Friday doors opening at 13:30 and first band starting at 14:40
  • on Saturday doors opening at 12:30 and first band starting at 14:30

And every day, the gates will close at the blessed time of 02:00 – 02:30, so plenty of time to party to good music and have heaps of fun with your friends and fellow rock fans!

The Grounds

Rockfest 2022 takes place at Hyvinkää Airport, for those who went to the last 2 editions before the pandemic a familiar sight. There will be 3 stages with the “Radio Rock” mainstage, the “Red Stage by Soundi” and the smaller “Black Stage”. The exact setup we’re not sure about since there haven’t been any ground plans revealed as of yet. But expect mostly grassy fields with not all too much shade and plenty of room to walk around in despite the most likely high amount of visitors. We remember that at past editions we never had to wait all too long to get something to drink or eat at the many options that where available and expect a hopefully similar organization and great lay-out that improves the flow.

This is the way

Rockfest 2022 is at Hyvinkää Airport. Hyvinkää is quite easy to reach from capital city Helsinki by train, a route that has several stops on the way to Hyvinkää you could be coming from.

While the airport is quite much out of the way from the city center, there is a shuttle bus service to get all the way to the festival (tickets available for purchase in advance), the festival camping or school accommodation at regular intervals throughout each day. They also partnered up with the local taxi services to provide as many vehicles as possible.

You could go by car, but keep in mind that the local traffic might get really busy and if you don’t want to risk getting stuck missing your favorite band or only getting back home hours later than you could have, maybe choose for a public transport option. Be aware that the car parking costs and you need to buy a ticket in advance (15€/day or 35€ for a weekend ticket).

And for the more active people under us, it’s only about 3 km away from the station, a good walk to get the blood flowing and ready for an epic weekend!

The Stay

Rockfest has a nice camping right next to the festival grounds for everyone’s convenience or if you want a bit more comfort, there is some accommodation available at a local school, which will be serviced by the shuttle busses. Tickets for access for any accommodations the festival has to offer are available at the same link where you can get the festival tickets.

If that is not really your way to enjoy a festival (anymore), you can always try to look at the local hotels or hotels near the stops on the train line between Helsinki and Riihimäki (Helsinki, Pasila, Tikkurila, Kerava, Järvenpää, Saunakallio, Jokela, Riihimäki). There should be trains almost continuously every half an hour throughout the days and nights, so it’s perfectly reasonable to make it from one of these locations to the festival grounds if you need more luxury and comfort to survive 3 days.

Grub and Booze

In the past there was a nice selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at a price that will seem high to anyone coming from outside of Finland, but are not too much more than your usual bar prices.

There also used to be a wide arrange of food trucks with something to please and satisfy everyone, going from international dishes, quality fast food and even plenty of vegan options, we expect much the same this time around!

Damage and Tickets

    3 day regular ticket: €219

    2 day regular ticket (Thu-Fri): €169

    2 day regular ticket (Fri-Sat): €179

    1 day regular ticket (Thu/Fri): €129

    1 day regular ticket (Sat): €139

    3 day premium ticket: €289

    1 day premium ticket (Thu/Fri): €155

    1 day premium ticket (Sat): €165

    3 day VIP ticket: €359

    1 day VIP ticket (Thu/Fri): €179

    1 day VIP ticket (Sat): €189

Tickets: Click Here

Good To Know

The festival is limited to visitors of an age of +18.

We’re sure that Rockfest will be back with a vengeance after having to cancel/postpone twice in a row and that memories will be created to talk about for the rest of the Summer! We can’t wait to get the festival Summer properly started, see you there!

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