News Posts

Darkwave/post-punk duo Yama Uba released their debut full-length ‘Silhouettes’ via Psychic Eye and Ratskin Records last Wednesday!

Norwegian post-punk collective Heave Blood & Die reveal new track ‘Mjelle’, from their upcoming album ‘Burnout Codes’, set for release on January 26th via Fysisk Format.

French industrial post-punk duo Kill The Thrill drift with force on ‘A la dérive’, another single from their upcoming album ‘Autophagie’, set for release at the end of this month via Season of Mist!

French industrial post-punk and new wave outfit Kill The Thrill share the new single ‘Capitan’, navigating a towering dreamscape and a track from the upcoming album ‘Autophagie’, set for release next month via Season of Mist!

France’s most enigmatic post-punk and industrial band Kill The Thrill announced their upcoming album ‘Autophagie’ set for release early next year via Season of Mist and unveil the first single with the title track!

English rock outfit Another Sky released their new single ‘Uh Oh!’, another brand-new track after their comeback earlier this year!

Liverpool’s rock outfit Stone is being hailed as one of the city’s most promising acts to emerge from there lately, and with their latest song ‘If You Wanna’, they seem to want to prove that to you!

Eclectic power duo Corlyx released the new single and video ‘Wasted And Alone’ last Friday via Out of Line Music!

Weird Wolves is back with ‘Shiny’, another new single released via Out of Line Music. Fans of a mix of electronic and rock music with a post-punk touch, this is for you!

UK post-punk band NAUT release new song and video ‘Damocles’ upon the world, another track from the upcoming ‘Hunt’ to be released in February via Season of Mist!

Gig Reports


We caught Pete Wylie & The Mighty Wah! at the Edinburgh Voodoo Rooms last weekend, showing us that music written quite a while ago can be still very much relevant!


Grave Pleasures came to Korjaamo in Helsinki at the end of April to celebrate the release of their latest album ‘Plagueboys’, and with the band we danced our way into the weekend. But not before we first got an intense show from the industrial metal support act Dome Runner.


Kaelan Mikla was back in Finland to bewitch us with their mesmerizing and enchanting music and performances.


Dark Vision at On The Rocks: a night of gloomy post-punk and Gothic inspired bands on a cold March night!


Oathbreaker played post black-metal with a twist to it and they didn’t dissapoint.


Gary’s albums of the year venture away from our more standard metal selection with a bunch of stellar punk releases from bands like The Bar Stool Preachers, Grade 2, The Darts, The Dollyrots, Rumkicks and Rancid, but also sidesteps into other music like the special brand of rock that Public Image Ltd. brings, blues rock with Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton, an acoustic Dropkick Murphys and a trip back into time, reminiscing about London’s legendary Batcave Club!

February has some great releases again, and we’re looking forward to albums from artists like Memoriam, In Flames, Paramore, dEUS, Mordkaul, Ulthar, Avatar, The Abbey, Insomnium, Host, Gorillaz and Heidevolk!

If Gothic is your thing, you might want to check these releases out if you haven’t yet. If you’re not a fan of the style, still check them cause these are good ones!

Photo Reports

Mark took it easy in 2023 and offers a selection of pictures of the handful of shows that he covered with his photography, mostly in the realm of new wave, old school electronic music, experimental and pop music with Self Esteem, Gary Numan, Heaven 17, Martyn Ware and friends, and Utopia Strong!

A night of post-punk with the Finnish Grave Pleasures celebrating the release of ‘Plagueboys’ and oppressive industrial metal from Dome Runner at Korjaamo in Helsinki!

After crushing all big stages in Belgium and abroad, this is the second to last show of Rhea before they take a break performing live for at least a year. They made one hell of a rock party with the biggest mosh pits VIERNULVIER has had since a long time and support from The RG’s!

The Mission brought The Crescent York to a steaming point with their double set, almost reducing our photographer to a puddle of sweat. Luckily before succumbing under the heat he managed to take a few snapshots of the memorable night!

We caught the legendary British rock band Skunk Anansie in Munich, Germany, proving yet again that they still kick serious ass. The pictures.

The mesmerizing nymphs of Kælan Mikla came back to Finland with their new album and support of label mate Kanga!

Dark Vision at On The Rocks: a night of gloomy post-punk and Gothic inspired bands on a cold March night! Check out the pictures here!