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Get ready for this! Agnostic Front is returning to Europe yet again this summer for their Urban Decay Tour! Get your tickets now!

Belgian punk/post-hardcore band Adverse96 released a music video for the song ‘Forevermore’, a track from their recently released full-length album ‘Clear The Lane’!

Canadian thrash metal/hardcore punk force Supermodel Taxidermy shared the single ‘Lipstick’, a homage to the women in the scene and a track from their upcoming album ‘At What Cost’, set for release in May!

The tickets for all of the Punk Rock Bowling Festival club shows are going on sale this Saturday, March 16th! Don’t miss out because it’s promising to be yet again an amazing celebration of all that is punk!

Modern punk and hardcore pioneers Comeback Kid shared their exhilarating new song and video ‘Disruption’, a track from their upcoming ‘Trouble’ EP, set for release in March via SharpTone Records!

Tuska has confirmed 16 more names for the 2024 edition with Stratovarius, HEALTH, Lord Of The Lost, Eivør, Elvenking, Devourment, St. Aurora, Assemble the Chariots, I AM YOUR GOD, Swansong, Krypta, Sadistic Drive, Prestige, Putro In Black, SICK URGE and Dome Runner! Get your tickets now before the price increase in a couple of weeks!

What bands are you happy with this time? And what bands are you still hoping for?

London punk rabble-rousers The Chisel are gearing up for the release of their highly anticipated new album ‘What A F*cking Nightmare’, set for release on February 9th via Pure Noise Records and share one more taste with the final single ‘Bloodsucker’!

Punk outfit The Chisel delivers yet another banging track with ‘Those Days’, heralding the Oi! hooks and hardcore stomp that everyone love! A track from their upcoming album ‘What A F*cking Nightmare’ set for release via Pure Noise Records next month!

Gouge Away announced their upcoming new album ‘Deep Sage’ to be released in March via Deathwish Inc. and shared a riotous video for the single ‘Stuck in a Dream’!

Hamburg based hardcore punk gang Snakes In The Pit shared the new track/video ‘Lagerkoller’, from their upcoming debut album ‘Hamburg City Hardcore’, set for release next month!

Festival Reports

Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival 2024 was long and hot, but definitely worth it for any punk and hardcover lover with the first day our resident punker catching shows from The Iron Roses, Bad Cop Bad Cop, Teen Mortgage, The Skatalites, 999, Madball, Billy Bragg, Gorilla Biscuits and The Descendants!

The last day of this year’s Rebellion Festival, a day of no plans and discovery brought our man to the Ask Charlie (from UK Subs) Q&A, and shows from Zen Baseball Bat, Hi-Fi Spitfires, The Shit Talkers, Murphy’s Law, TV Smith & The Bored Teenagers, Antagonizers, Doug & The Slugz and The Briefs!

The second day of Rebellion Festival 2023 was filled with surprises and nostalgia with bands like The Zips, Red London, Turtles JR, Spizz Energi, Bar Stool Preachers and last but not least, the two-tone legend Neville Staples from The Specials to get everyone skanking.

Day 3 of Inkcarceration didn’t slow the weekend down. Beartooth kept the crowd ready to rock as they took the stage and gave it their all!

Helsinki Punk ‘n’ Roll Day brought a bunch of really interesting punk bands together on one stage!

HVNK PNKRCK 3.0 came, grabbed us by the nuts and threw us into the fray of several steaming moshpits with energetic punk, hardcore and rock ‘n’ roll!

Tuska 2017 promised to be a huge party for metal and rock lovers. With their 20th anniversary they geared up to make it one hell of a celebration…

Local talents and bigger names from Finland gather to mosh and dance on punk & hardcore for 2 nights!

Grimm Gent took a trip South to explore the fourth edition of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Festival in Longwy, France.

Gig Reports

Something totally unexpected turned into a great thing when our resident punk happened to stumble upon a gig from the LA hardcore punk band Spaced while he was hanging out in Glasgow, and everything was just right: the crowd, the venue (The Hug & Pint), the band, the music,…

Los Fastidios dropped by Legends in Edinburgh, and turned the small venue into a packed room filled with dancing and skanking punks! If you can catch these guys live, don’t hesitate!

Earlier this month, Kvelertak dropped by in Helsinki on their “Krøterveg Te Helvete tour 2023” in support of their latest album ‘Endling’ (released via Rise Records) and brought the house down with support from Cancer Bats! An event by TuskaLive and Greybeard Concerts & Management.

The old school “Brummie Hardcore Punks” of GBH came to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their debut album ‘City Baby Attacked by Rats’ and started a riot at On The Rocks in Helsinki with support from Broken Trend and Likaiset Pikkarit!

Beartooth came to Belgium to make Trix (Antwerp) explode with energy and make the crowd of this sold out venue have an extraordinary night.

The godfathers of blackgaze, Alcest, are back on the road, with a brand new record under the arm and we were at their stop in Helsinki!

Old school D-beat hardcore instigators Discharge came back to Finland for a night during which they almost literally brought the house down!

Wasted did another small Finnish tour together with their vocalist’s new project, so I had to be there!

I’d sell my single kidney to see them back to back with Perturbator again. If Carpenter Brut reigns over hell I’m already halfway there. 

I’d sell my single kidney to see them back to back with Perturbator again. If Carpenter Brut reigns over hell I’m already halfway there.