American death metal icons Nile return with 10th album ‘The Underworld Awaits Us All’, set for release in August via Napalm Records and unleash the single ‘Chapter for Not Being Hung Upside Down on a Stake’!

The brutal embodiment of Deicide’s thirteenth album ‘Banished By Sin’ proves that Glenn Benton has honed some of his best works in the band’s discography. Out on Reigning Phoenix Music.

Turkey’s Engulfed offers a cavernous death metal brutality on its second full length album ‘Unearthly Litanies of Despair’. Out since April 19th via Me Saco Un Ojo Records and Dark Descent Records.

The fifth installment “Unextinct” from the Italian technical brutal death metal outfit Hideous Divinity delivers plenty of powerful brutality and atmosphere. Hideous Divinity managed to imbue the songs with themes extracted from cinematic art, out via Century Media Records, and comes highly recommended for fans of Vader, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Hour of Penance.

Italy’s brutal tech-death masters Hour Of Penance unleashed ‘Birthright Abolished’, another track from their upcoming album ‘Devotion’, set for release next week via Agonia Records!

Knoxville, Tennessee-brutal death metal act Brodequin return with their newest album “Harbinger of Woe”, very reminiscent of the old-school Spanish grind gore bands of the 90s. Out since March 22nd, via Season of Mist Underground Activists.

Dutch brutal death outfit Severe Torture emerges from the depths and reveals ‘The Death of Everything’, the first single from their upcoming album ‘Torn From The Jaws of Death’, set for release in June via Season of Mist!

Brutal death metallers Brodequin greet death on ‘Harbinger of Woe’, the title track of their upcoming album, set for release next week via Season of Mist!

French extremists Benighted unleashed a brutal anthem of psychedelic horror with the single ‘Nothing Left To Fear’, featuring Oli Peters from Archspire, a track from their upcoming album ‘Ekbom’, set for release in April via Season of Mist!

Italian brutal tech-death ensemble Hour Of Penance shared the first single and opening track ‘Devotion for Tyranny’ from their upcoming album ‘Devotion’, set for release in April via Agonia Records!