Steelfest 2023

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After last year’s massive 10th anniversary celebration weekend of Steelfest, it seems everyone got a taste for a more extended version of the fest. So this year is the first time they embark into an adventure that brings us 3 full days instead of what used to be 2 days only. And of course, we’re not complaining one bit! Every single edition they bring some of the best of the best of the underground scene ranging between black metal, death metal and from time to time some more doomy stuff with even a couple of surprises here and there. This is a festival you didn’t want to miss out on if you’re any bit into underground metal without compromises!

Name : Steelfest
Country : Finland
Amount of Days : 3
Outdoors / Indoors : Outdoors & Indoors
Amount of Stages : 2
Genres : Extreme metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal

The Bands

Steelfest 2023 is offering 46 artists with some interesting rare sights (like Utuk Xul, Gehenna, Ved Buens Ende, Tsatthoggua, Sex Messiah and more), festival regulars that we all love see making a return (like Marduk, Deströyer 666, Carpathian Forest, Dödheimsgard, Nattefrost, Nordjevel,…) and of course some of the best of the Finnish scene (like Horna, TotalSelfHatred, Torture Killer, URN, True Black Dawn,…).

Add to that some exclusive and special shows like Nokturnal Mortum who are finally making it to Finland from Ukraine after the Russian invasion prevented earlier visits, Sacrilegious Impalement playing a “IV – Infinite Victor” album release show, first ever European show of the Canadian Grenadier, the return of one of Finland’s most influential black metal bands to the stage with Behexen, a ‘Memento Mori’ debut gig from Marduk, the first live appearance of YMIR and the resurrection of PEST for just this one Steelfest show, and you simply know that this will be a weekend to not miss out on…

The Timing

Steelfest is taking place about halfway May, as usual, from Thursday May 18 til Saturday May 20. The exact timing is not known yet as of now, but experience teaches us that usually the doors open around noon every day, and they shoo you out about half an hour to an hour after the last band wraps up, which usually means something like 2 or 3 AM. The bands never overlap, so you can basically go back and forth between the outdoors stage and the indoors stage without ever having to miss out on a single note. See the division of the bands over the 3 days right here:

The Grounds

Hyvinkää is conveniently located 30-55 minutes north from Helsinki and Helsinki-Vantaa international airport. The venue itself is an old wool factory, which lays a gloomy set-up and atmosphere for the extreme metal bacchanal. You’ll find 2 stages of a similar size, 1 outside at the very back of the festival grounds and 1 inside, located in the first big building on the left you’ll come across when entering.

Besides the stages, there are a handful of food trucks offering a nice selection of different festival foods (burgers, kebab, makkaraperunat, tiny fried fishes, ice cream,…), several bars (a couple outside and 1 inside), quite some tables and benches to relax in between going wild in front of a stage, some vendors with merch and other related stuff, the official Steelfest merch stall with all the stuff the bands brought with them and usually a meet-and-greet booth (for which a schedule still needs to be released).

All services (shops, restaurants, fast food, ATM, pharmacy, shopping mall with over 100 shops) 200 meters from festival gates. (Note: you usually can’t go in and out of the festival however much you like)


This is the way

Address: Kankurinkatu 4-6, 05800 Hyvinkää

  • 40 – 55 minutes by train from Helsinki-Vantaa international airport.
  • 35 – 45 minutes by train from Helsinki main railway station (trains also after last bands back to Helsinki)

Hyvinkää railway station is 500 meters from festival gates.

The Stay


CHEAPEST OPTION FOR SLEEP, 29€/person for whole festival weekend. Thursday-Sunday, 5-minute walk from festival gates.


  • Camping area & 24/h security
  • Take your own tent. Max. 4 persons one tent. Tent area 4×4 meters
  • Toilets and showers.

Keep your ID with you when Check-in.

Check-in starts Thursday 12:00 after that you can check in 24/7.

Address: Torikatu 18 (Football field)


Hotel Sveitsi is about 1.5 km from festival gates. Get -15% discount with code: STEELFEST (Note: is probably long sold out by now)

Also use search engines/options: Airbnb,, etc. (Festival town: Hyvinkää)

You can also search hotels etc. from these near-by cities:

  • Helsinki 35 minutes by train (Trains go also after last gig)
  • Järvenpää 15 minutes by train (Trains go also after last gig)
  • Kerava 20 minutes by Train (Trains go also after last gig)
  • Tikkurila 25 minutes by train (Trains go also after last gig)
  • Hyvinkää railway station is 500 meters from festival gates.

Damage and Tickets

    3 day festival pass: €149

    3 day festival pass with accommodation: €199

    1 day ticket: €69

Tickets: Click Here

Good To Know


is 18 years for all customers.


You can entrance once in a day to festival area with your ticket/wristband. Various reasons for this practice.


They only change 2 and 3-day festival tickets for wristbands.


Festival security personnel will check you at the security check before entering the festival area.


You can leave your belongings in the cloakroom INSIDE the festival area. See “prohibited items”


Bringing your own alcohol beverages to the festival area is prohibited. Check will be in effect upon entering the festival. You can bring one transparent, unopened plastic bottle of non-alcoholic beverage, or transparent and empty plastic bottle per customer. Max. size 0,5 litres. Security is allowed to forbid suspicious bottles.

All things that can be considered dangerous are strictly prohibited, at the security personnel’s discretion. It’s not allowed to bring your pet to the festival area.


To buy food, drinks, and official festival merch: They accept credit & debit cards and cash. Vendors on the festival are might accept just cash. So, CASH IS THE KING.


They do not sell cigarettes in festival area.


During gigs keep your smartphone on your pocket and enjoy. If you have an infernal need to take pictures of the gig, do it during the first song. Pocket cameras & cell phone cameras are allowed under the same strong advice.


There is a first aid point at the festival area, which will serve during festival opening hours.


During the festival, ask for your lost items from tickets sales booth. After the festival, all uncollected lost & found items will be delivered to the Hyvinkää police station lost property.

Every single year is a blast and there is so much good music to discover every single time! We hope to see you there!

If you want to get a taste of what the fest has to offer, check out our reports on last year’s edition:

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2nd festival day report and photo report

3rd festival day report and photo report

4th festival day report and photo report

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