Tips to do: SteelChaos 2019

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The festival summer is over again and some people might feel a black hole that used to be filled up with good music, sun (or rain), beer and friends. Autumn is at the door and winter is approaching… so what now? We have a couple of tips for you to look into. Since we’re mostly active in Belgium and Finland at the moment, there might be more of a focus on events there but every single one deserves your attention for its uniqueness and greatness! Next on the list: SteelChaos 2019!

What to expect

A couple of years ago, the organisation of the much renown and revered Finnish underground festival Steelfest Open Air decided that they were not satisfied by just offering great bands every year in May. They started the undertaking of an indoor little brother named SteelChaos in the legendary Nosturi venue in capital city Helsinki for a 2-day gathering of the wolves from the underground. Also this year the line-up is one that’ll please every adept of the dark side of the metal world:

As you can see, a great gathering of both Finnish and international names. With on the Friday the Finnish black metal scene represented by Black Beast and the cult legends Barathrum and Behexen. Joined by the Polish bands Blaze of Perdition and ever-popular Mgła and legendary Teutonic thrashers Destruction.

Saturday brings us Finnish representation from the death metal outfit Krypts (who delivered a swampy monster of an album earlier this year, read our review here) on a mostly international day with black metal from the New Zealand misanthropic outfit Barshasketh, the mysterious collective The Committee, Norwegian Nordjevel and the legendary Norwegian Ancient playing a special “Svartalvheim” set and a good thrashing to end the weekend with another Teutonic legend this weekend, giving a taste of what is to come at Steelfest 2020: Sodom!

When & where

SteelChaos 2019 will take place on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 November 2019, with both days opening its doors at 6 pm. And as usual the place to be is Nosturi in Helsinki where you’ll be able to steep yourself in darkness till late into the night.


At the moment, 2-day tickets and Friday tickets are completely sold out. You might still have a shot with people who are deciding to not go after all. Saturday tickets are still available, but at low capacity.

This year you can also get your SteelChaos shirt pre-ordered to pick up at the venue for 22 €:

See you there!

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