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The German thrash metal legends Sodom killed it recently at Alcatraz Music and Hellsinki Metal Festival, and have now announced to be releasing their new EP ‘1982’ via SPV/Steamhammer in November, a celebration of their beginnings!

Wacken XXX is over, but don’t be sad, there’s plenty of exciting news to be shared around about the future!

Brutal Assault is back at it with more new bands for the 2019 line-up!

Not one, but 2 legendary Thrash Metal bands added to the lineup of Alcatraz 2019! Teutonic Thrash band Sodom, and Thrash from New York: Demolition Hammer!

Sodom got recently reformed, but they’re about to show you that they’re still able to kick your sorry little ass with a soon to be released EP!

Album Reviews

With the newest album, Sodom rides the maelstrom of violence, “Genesis XIX” is yet another worthy album added to the band’s extending catalog.

All thriller and no filler, Destruction kills it again with a modern yet classic thrash metal sound!

Exumer keeps the effect of consistency flow naturally. This is a great continuation from The Raging Tides album.

Inculter is a blackened thrash metal band whose aim is to restore the old school metal sound of the early 80’s.

It’s all about quality of aggressiveness and memorable riffs, fast solos lie tornados and fierce drumming which makes them sound evil.

Wandering in nostalgia

Old school thrash with touches of death from Brazil…

Photo Reports

Pictures of the second night of a gathering of wolves at Steelchaos 2019!

Photo report Durbuy Rock 2017

Festival Reports

The second day of the gathering of wolves called Steelchaos provided us with more black metal to feast upon, with a touch of death and thrash to make it all around underground fun!

Time to kick off day one of the 12th edition of the coziest metal festival ever, Alcatraz. Who has never been there doesn’t know what he is missing, great vibe, not too much side animation, a party bar El Presidio and some Alcatraz side characters and they added this year a third stage, La Morgue, with […]


It’s Winter but it’s not dark enough to your liking? The Finnish underground fest SteelChaos might be the place to be for you…