The Swiss atmospheric black outfit AARA unleashed their first track of the upcoming new album in premiere right here!

A brand new project that is catered for the metal community, through support from the community. “Heavys” looks like a valued addition to the alternative scene!

Italian symphonic/power metal band Moonlight Haze shares their 2nd single of the upcoming album in exclusive premiere right here!

Jay Ray announces the release of his brand new track ‘Cold Light’ featuring guest vocals from Jimmie Strimell, known from his time with Dead By April!

An exclusive video premiere of the first single of the upcoming new Rise of Kronos album ‘Council of Prediction’!

Norwegian black ‘n’ roll brigade Vreid will be premiering their movie and album ‘Wild North West’ for the whole world to see and hear via livestream!

Swedish hard rockers Bürner stream their full upcoming “Baptized in Gasoline” in premiere on our site right now!