Best of 2023: Emerik’s favorite captures of the year

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Year 2023 is closing out and we at GRIMM have our sights set for next year and all the amazing shows and festivals coming up, but before that, let’s look into this past year in photos. It’s been a helluva year, I’ve shot some of my all-time favorite bands, new festivals and small club shows to massive arena shows. So here’s my selection of the best of the best live captures from this year. From incredible fun-to-shoot black metal shows from Steelfest, shooting household names at Rockfest, or legendary bands at Hellsinki Metal Festival, it was a hard one to choose only 25 since I’ve shot quite a few shows this year. Before we get into it, I have nominated my favorite photo of the year 2023, and quite possible my favorite photo of all time; Ville Valo at Rockfest. It’s a simple shot, but still cinematic and beautiful. Love that capture, would love to hear your favorite from my selection, sound off down below!

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