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Full Of Hell is back with another crushing single of their upcoming new Relapse Records album ‘Garden of Burning Apparitions’!

The grindcore legends return with another promising record.

Full of Hell share new song “Armory of Obsidian Glass” with guest vocals by Lingua Ignota.

Grind quartet Full Of Hell share the first track from their upcoming album “Weeping Choir”!

Full Of Hell is grinding away in their new single “Burning Myrrh”, coming with a brand new music video!

Check out the hilarious new music video my grindcore legends Pig Destroyer!


With the new Full Of Hell album just out, we fired off a couple of questions in the direction of frontman Dylan, who graciously provided some interesting answers!

20 years ago Sepultura’s Roots was released. What are the legendary metal brothers doing now?

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Full of Hell’s latest outing on Relapse Records: ‘Garden of Burning Apparitions’. Hell never sounded so filthy.


2019 is another year filled to the brim with amazing music. Here are my absolute favorites.