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The legendary Brujeria released their second single ‘Bruja Encabronada’ from the upcoming album ‘Esto Es Brujeria’, set for release next month via Nuclear Blast! With an energetic music video featuring live footage taken by some of our very own people!

Venomous Concept is kicking Europe silly this month!

Headliners & some other awesomeness

Go see what’s new and on what days what bands play!

The 20th anniversary looks like a party already!

Photo Reports

Year 2023 is closing out and we at GRIMM have our sights set for next year and all the amazing shows and festivals coming up, but before that, let’s look into this past year in photos once again with a selection of Emerik’s favorite pictures, going from extreme and underground, to legendary bands like Nocturnal Sorcery, Horna, Nunslaughter, Merrimack, Pensées Nocturnes, Sex Messiah, Kalmankantaja, VV, Sick Of It All, Lordi, Michael Monroe, The Hellacopters, Possessed, The Mission, Lorna Shore, Kuvotus, Ingested, Voivod, Sodom, Watain, Burst, Full Of Hell, Demolition 23, and Brujeria!

The pictures of a weekend of celebrations and discoveries at the 20th anniversary of Tuska Open Air!

Album Reviews

Mexico’s powerhouse death/grindcore band Brujeria returns with their long-awaited album “Esto Es Brujeria”. The fifth album offers sixteen high-octane death grind songs with tight drumming, a solid release from these unhinged Mexicans out now via Nuclear Blast!


A talk with Juan Brujo from Brujeria shortly before their show in Helsinki last summer, about their show at Obscene Extreme that started the Europe leg of the ‘Matando güeros’ anniversary tour, how crazy things get when they hit South America, and about the new album ‘Esto es Brujeria’ (out today via Nuclear Blast)!

We had a chat with Brujo himself of the Mexican group of gangsters Brujeria!

Festival Reports

Our report of a magical journey to a weird and warm land, an unspeakable language, but most of all: an awesome festival!

Tuska 2017 promised to be a huge party for metal and rock lovers. With their 20th anniversary they geared up to make it one hell of a celebration…