Interview Brujeria – “What we’re doing now is going to hit heavy and hard, come see us live if you can!”

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When Brujeria is in town, you simply need to go see their show. So when they dropped by Helsinki on their ‘Matando güeros’ tour, to play a pretty much sold out show at On The Rocks, we didn’t hesitate one moment. And since they announced around the same time a new album was coming out in September with ‘Esto es Brujeria’, we took a moment to meet up with Juan Brujo himself, one of the founders and vocalists:

We briefly sat down with Juan Brujo and talked about the European summer part of their ‘‘Matando güeros’ anniversary tour, which had a pretty epic start with Obscene Extreme festival. We saw some videos, and it seemed like pure chaos, and Juan confirmed that there was some crazy stuff going on, which was perfect for Brujeria!

And then after, they were set to go on a South America leg of the tour, which is for a band like Brujeria always crazy, with some quite memorable things happening at some shows like people with guns on stage, dead animals being thrown on stage,… It’s apparently even fun for the local police, because they get to do some riot control when Brujeria comes around.

On September 15, the new album ‘Esto es Brujeria’ gets unleashed upon the world, and he seemed very pleased with how it turned out. He told us that the guys wanted to make the music more clean, and somewhat more modern, but was quick to promise that the vocals are still old school. Some good music that sounds great played loud!

For all of that and more go see the full interview on our Youtube channel or right here:
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