Gig Reports

Throwback to Normandie finally making it back to Finland to celebrate their 2021 release ‘Dark & Beautiful Secrets’ and blew the roof off On The Rocks with the support from Balance Breach and Delta Enigma.

The old school “Brummie Hardcore Punks” of GBH came to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their debut album ‘City Baby Attacked by Rats’ and started a riot at On The Rocks in Helsinki with support from Broken Trend and Likaiset Pikkarit!

Bokassa and Planet of Zeus brought a bunch of stoner and attitude to On The Rocks Helsinki in the beginning of September, kicking off our weekend properly!

A great night of modern metal with Infected Rain and Awake Again at On The Rocks in Helsinki!

Imperial Triumphant came to Helsinki, Finland to get our minds blown with support from the Finnish prog death act Devenial Verdict!

Kaelan Mikla was back in Finland to bewitch us with their mesmerizing and enchanting music and performances.

Ginger Vine Management took 3 acts from their roster that they believe are highly promising and the ones to watch in 2022 and put them together on the bill of the same gig!

A wonderful night of rock ‘n’ roll with a new generation of talented musicians keeping the future for the old school sound very much alive!

A night of youth sentiment and good music by promising young bands at Metsatöll’s show at On The Rocks in Helsinki!

Hellsinki Industrial 2021 is happening! And as usual, there was a preclub show at On The Rocks to already get a bit warmed up for the main event…

Photo Reports

A look back at the energetic shows from Normandie, Balance Breach and Delta Enigma at On The Rocks back in December!

One from the archives… back in October we attended to the “Come To Latin America” showcase where competition winner Where’s My Bible and one of the runner ups Luna Kills brought us a night of some good live music at On The Rocks in Helsinki, showing yet again what kind of goodies Finland has to offer musically!

Punk rock fans were spoiled on a Saturday a couple of weeks ago when the absolute legends of hardcore punk GBH turned On The Rocks in Helsinki into a complete chaos of old school punks and new school punks dancing and partying like there’s no tomorrow. An event by Loose Mind Productions and support from Broken Trend and Likaiset Pikkarit.

The coalition of the Norwegian stoner punks of Bokassa and Greek stoner rockers of Planet of Zeus rocked the house seriously. On The Rocks Helsinki was the place to be and those who weren’t there missed out on some good fun!

On a Sunday autumn evening in Finland we saw total Polish death metal takeover of On The Rocks Helsinki with Vader, Hate and Thy Disease at on of the stops on the “Final Declaration Northern Tour 2022”! For a Sunday, there was quite the massacre unleashed in the pit!

Pictures of a great night of modern metal at On The Rocks in Helsinki with Infected Rain and Awake Again.

Pictures of a crazy show by Imperial Triumphant and Devenial Verdict at On The Rocks in Helsinki, Finland!

King Satan had a release show for their latest album ‘Occult Spiritual Anarchy’ and killed it in front of some dedicated fans at On The Rocks, with support from Khroma and Crucify The Faith!

The mesmerizing nymphs of Kælan Mikla came back to Finland with their new album and support of label mate Kanga!

The Swedish/Norwegian sleaze rock outfit The Cruel Intentions came to set On The Rocks on fire to kick off the weekend with a Friday night rock ‘n’ roll party!