Photo Reports

Welcoming events that try to bring something different and out of the norm to Finland, we went to the second night of the club festival Hellsinki Techfest with Sirkuit Preiker, Khroma, Balance Breach and Hacktivist back in September for some killer music and high energy!

The pictures of a wild night with Mors Subita, Shereign and I Am Your God at On The Rocks in Helsinki!

Pictures of Blood Command at On The Rocks in Helsinki, Finland.

Last month, Circuit Breaker Bookings with All Out Productions brought grindcore juggernauts Full Of Hell all the way from US to a fully sold out On The Rocks. And with supporting acts Kuvotus and Dome Runner, this was by far one of the most intense nights we have witnessed of late. A night full of blood, sweat and broken glass, with constant moshpits and stagediving!

This past August, On The Rocks in Helsinki experienced a full on death metal assault by the undeniable legends themselves, Possessed! After canceling shows in Finland over a few years, these Bay Area legends were highly anticipated by Finnish metalheads with a great turnout on a sold out show.

The French band Aephanemer dropped by On The Rocks in Helsinki to turn the heat up and make a pretty much crammed venue go wild to their symphonic/melodic death metal tunes! Support came from locals Numento.

A bit over a month ago, Aesthetic Perfection dropped by On The Rocks in Helsinki on their “American Psycho Tour”, which is the very last headlining tour of the industrial pop act! Support came from the drum n bass and industrial creatives Mechanical Vein!

The ever popular Swedish metalcore outfit Imminence came to blow us away at a completely sold out On The Rocks in Helsinki, with the help of the energy bomb that is Blood Command to set things off!

After last year’s cancellation, Nervosa came back to Finland on their small “Northern Tour” about a month ago, and set the house on fire with the help of local support Satan’s Fall at On The Rocks in Helsinki!


A talk with Juan Brujo from Brujeria shortly before their show in Helsinki last summer, about their show at Obscene Extreme that started the Europe leg of the ‘Matando güeros’ anniversary tour, how crazy things get when they hit South America, and about the new album ‘Esto es Brujeria’ (out today via Nuclear Blast)!

An old chat with Olly and Mike from Monuments we dug up from our archives because it was just too much fun to keep it from you!

A chat with Ariel Bloomer and Shawn Jump of Icon For Hire about their music and way of life just before they hit the stage in Helsinki!

Joonas and Jyri of Oceanhoarse told us why we all need to be at their own festival ‘Hoarsefest’… it includes a pretty good price to win!

We had a chat with Normandie about their music, touring and more!

Gig Reports

The French symphonic melodic death metal outfit Aephanemer came to On The Rocks, saw a wild crowd and conquered everyone’s hearts! Here’s for hoping that they get to come back to Finland some time really soon! And local up-and-comers Numento definitely got us warmed up properly for the main event!

Daniel Graves came one last time with Aesthetic Perfection as a headlining band to Finland and took us on a ride through some of the most popular tracks of the band’s history, giving us a night to remember! Support came from Mechanical Vein.

Imminence came back to Finland to play an absolutely killer show for a completely sold out On The Rocks in Helsinki, with the support of the Norwegian deathpop maniacs of Blood Command!

Nervosa came to On The Rocks in Helsinki to prove to us all that they are still a force to be reckoned with, even though the band is in yet another new iteration at the moment. With Prika on vocals, they sound as solid as ever, and killed it. Local heavy metal heroes Satan’s Fall were special guests and warmed us up nicely for the good old thrashing we were getting later.

Gaerea finally made it to Helsinki and they came, saw and absolutely conquered! With support from local black metal outfit Venenum Dei, the sold out On The Rocks turned out to be an intense evening of stellar music and performances! A production by Nem Agency and Loose Mind Productions.

Throwback to Normandie finally making it back to Finland to celebrate their 2021 release ‘Dark & Beautiful Secrets’ and blew the roof off On The Rocks with the support from Balance Breach and Delta Enigma.

The old school “Brummie Hardcore Punks” of GBH came to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their debut album ‘City Baby Attacked by Rats’ and started a riot at On The Rocks in Helsinki with support from Broken Trend and Likaiset Pikkarit!

Bokassa and Planet of Zeus brought a bunch of stoner and attitude to On The Rocks Helsinki in the beginning of September, kicking off our weekend properly!

A great night of modern metal with Infected Rain and Awake Again at On The Rocks in Helsinki!

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A great night of hip hop beats and killer bars at On The Rocks with the legendary Jeru The Damaja, Jodarok, Bentality and Situnation.