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Sometimes we do interviews that due to circumstances end up getting lost in our archive of recordings. But some of those are just too much fun to keep from the public. One such interview was the one we had with Olly and Mike from Monuments when they dropped by in Helsinki a bit over a year ago before the pandemic properly hit home.

We had a chat about them having toured India shortly before and how damn epic that was. We also shortly touch on how they experience Brexit from their perspective. Back then, they had just released the new single ‘Animus‘, first with new vocalist Andy Cizek and talked about how awesome it’s been working with him, seeing him grow as their front man show after show, seemingly getting more energy the longer they’re on the road. We also have a semi-serious moment discussing their purpose and process as a band and dealing with the much more prominently present negative comments on social media nowadays. Overall, we had quite a couple of laughs and these 2 dudes are great guys to have a chat with, we hope to see you in real life again soon!

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