Interview Icon For Hire – “We wanted to take things more refined and mature”

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In 2020, Icon For Hire was one of the few bands one of our local reporters managed to catch still in Helsinki before everything started to shut down. Having had a talk with the 2 lovely people that are the main force behind the project (check the interview out here) and getting thoroughly impressed by the emotional and uplifting show (report here and photo report here), when the news hit that a new album was coming we of course kept a close eye on how things were going. After a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, a bunch of singles with impressive videos and finally the release of the new album ‘Amorphous’, we just had to have a chat with vocalist Ariel Bloomer

We chatted with Ariel about how interesting it has been for us to actively follow how they handled the Kickstarter campaign and she expressed how blown away both Shawn and her were about the amazing result. We agreed that most likely the fact they gave it such a personal touch and put a lot of effort in making it special, was key to its success (and the eventual puppy they got Shawn because of meeting the highest goal). ‘Amorphous’ was advertised as a “new era” for Icon For Hire and Ariel told us that this time around they indeed wanted to take a bit more refined and mature direction for the new album. That’s also why they went a little bit darker in a lot of the imagery and why Ariel chose to go for a less bright colored hairdo. Ariel also touches on the fact of how much she’s looking forward to be able to get to play their new songs in their full glory and power live. Which they intend to do as quickly as possible as soon as things are declared safe enough again. Though, if you can’t wait for that, make sure you get your tickets for their April 10 live stream release show right here:

All of that and much more to be seen in the full interview on our Youtube channel or right here:

For more Icon For Hire:

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