Interview Wheel – “The freedom to fail is what creativity is in its purest form”

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A couple of years back, we discovered the awesomeness that is the Finnish/British progressive rock/metal outfit Wheel. They impressed us with their debut full-length ‘Moving Backwards’ and in the mean time we’ve managed to catch them live more than once. Every single time they absolutely kick ass and people all over Europe quickly became fans of this quartet when they caught them on tour with bands like Soen, Cellar Darling or at renown prog festivals. In 2019, what must have been a highlight for the guys, they opened the very last live show of Children of Bodom in the Helsinki Ice Halls with much success. Now they are about to release their second full-length ‘Resident Human’, so a good timing to gather the 4 guys on a couch and fire off some questions in their direction.

We had a lovely chat with the guys where James (vocals/guitar) discussed extensively his take and vision on the lyrics and themes on the new record, bringing up contemporary issues and contemplation about life connected with some of the science fiction stories he’s been reading. We also agreed on the fact that the complexity and effort put in the lyrics are a great match for their progressive and intricate music. Santeri (drums) pointed out how he handled a couple of things differently this time in writing and recording the music for ‘Resident Human’, but also how much all of them are looking forward to bring the new music live after practicing it together so much. The guys also mention a couple of bands they’d love to tour with, though anything would do right now with the lack of live shows, and share some laughs about the Instagram live video they did with the Caligula’s Horse guys.

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