Interview Oceanhoarse “authentic real live heavy metal, that’s what we’re all about”

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At the end of last year, we caught up with vocalist Joonas and bassist Jyri from the Finnish heavy metal band Oceanhoarse to talk about a whole bunch of stuff. For our talk with them about the ‘Voluntary Bends‘ EP and music go here and about their own festival Hoarsefest go here.

In part 3 we have a short discussion about their European tour supporting Marko Hietala from Nightwish on his solo tour. They told us how they happened to be the chosen ones for that support gig and both revealed what venue and country they are looking forward to play a show at. They are also telling all of you readers why you should come to an Oceanhoarse show and what they are all about! Check it out here:

For more Oceanhoarse:

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