Interview Lost Society at Tuska 2019 – “It was unbelievable”

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Last Summer at Tuska 2019 we had a short talk with Samy Elbanna, frontman of the highly popular Finnish thrash metal band Lost Society. Seated in a dim lighted corner at the event, we talked with him about playing at this beloved Helsinki center metal festival and how people have responded thus far to their music outside their home country.

Since shortly before we met up they released a first single ‘No Absolution‘ of their upcoming new album of the same name, we also touched on how the sound might be a bit different, but still very much is Lost Society.

We also fired off some more tricky questions at Samy like what artist he’d love to have worked with (dead or alive) and what they’d do if they would have free reigns on getting some names for a Lost Society festival.

For all of this and more, check out the video of this very fun conversation down below or on our Youtube channel:

For more Lost Society:

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