Interview Turmion Kätilöt – “We hope this album splits our fans because we did something different!”

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Turmion Kätilöt are quite the stars in Finland and after their tour supporting Nightwish throughout Europe, they’re clearly starting to turn more heads outside of their own country. Now they’re back and are kicking off 2023 with a bang, releasing their brand new 10th album ‘Omen X’ and finally doing their big arena show at Helsinki Ice Hall. About time for us to catch up with vocalists MC Raaka Pee and Shag-U to have a bit of a chat about what’s going on with them…

The guys seemed quite pleased with how things are and still processing the epicness that was touring with the mastodon that is Nightwish. And of course they were really looking forward to their Ice Hall show, which is going to be a historical moment for Turmion Kätilöt, and the release of ‘Omen X’, they’re new album that was getting unleashed later that week.

About the Ice Hall arena show they were excited about the fact that it’s “their” show, where they could do what they want without any restrictions. And for the fans it’ll be a show to not miss where they’ll play music from all the albums they released throughout their almost 2 decades of existence and most likely some nice surprises along the way. MC Raaka Pee was talking about a show of easily 2 hours long and suggested to those who are coming to start training so their arms don’t turn into spaghetti when raising their fists for the band.

And we’re betting that they’ll be performing with renewed energy and enthusiasm, because they told us that they had quite the rejuvenation by having to go back to basics of sorts, and have to convince a crowd with their music and performance while on the road with Nightwish since they were unknown by quite some people. Hopefully that turns into some epic parties when they hit the road again with their own headline tour through Europe later this year.

About ‘Omen X’, MC Raaka Pee was hoping that it would split or divide people because of them doing some new things, like for instance the track ‘Kuolettavia vammoja’. That track has a very poppy nature and sound, while still bringing the darkness that is typical for TK, singing about abuse, which seems a rather touching topic for MC Raaka Pee. They of course still have tracks with the signature pounding and pumping “Disko Metal” sound, but they were saying that they don’t want to do only that to keep things exciting for themselves as well.

We also had some laughs about pandas, jaloviina and their highlights of 2022. Definitely check out the whole video to join in with some laughs!

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