Interview with Henkka, Janne & Jaska about the Bodom Bar & Sauna: “We hope fans can get a taste of CoB and a taste of Finland when they visit.”

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Last week, Henkka, Janne and Jaska finally opened their very own bar in Espoo, Finland. The bar, including saunas, was baptized “Bodom Bar & Sauna” and will become more than likely a pilgrimage spot for all Children of Bodom and Alexi Laiho fans from all over the world. We were invited to the pre-opening reception and while there were still a bunch of people rallying to get the place as ready as possible for the opening, we sat down with the 3 guys for a moment to have a short chat about their new project among all the noise and hecticness that was going on.

The guys were pretty excited about the fact that their dream had finally become reality and while they’ve been crazy busy, they seemed still quite relaxed about everything. They gave a bit of insight on how they got to this place and the whole process they went through to figure out the concept. Which at first didn’t include the saunas, but they felt it give their international fans possibly an “exotic” experience when they visit. Basically a taste of CoB and a taste of Finland.

They weren’t able to include a venue or permanent stage to enable live music, but they don’t exclude it from possible future events or expansions. For the moment, they’ll stick to regular theme nights where you might find some of the guys hanging around as well. They don’t want to promise you’ll be able to find them at the bar all the time, but will announce when the chance is high (see keep your eyes on the Bodom Bar & Sauna social media pages).

Further, besides of course their own 2 Children of Bodom beers, they highly recommend you to dive into their tap list since they mostly work with local breweries from Espoo. The bar is all about creating a place for Children of Bodom fans to come together, but also to support locals (as in breweries, a pizzeria that has a permanent spot at the bar,…) and that way really give us a taste of where they come from while having some good craftbeers.

And like they already announced, there will be plenty of memorabilia of their decades with Children of Bodom to discover. When we visited, there were old setlists stuck to the wall, some of the CoB guys’ signature instruments, awards, old posters and a whole bunch of behind the scene pictures on the walls. They did point out that they were nowhere near done yet and that they will continue to add things to the place while they reminiscence about their past from time to time. In other words: visiting regularly to go witness the additions and progress is the message!

For all of that and more go see the full interview on our Youtube channel or right here:

The bar is a really nice and relaxed place to be at, truly a fine mix between a dive bar, craftbeer bar and rock/metal bar (with saunas), highly recommended for a visit!

For more BODOM BAR & SAUNA and get notified of special events, go check out their social media pages!

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