Interview Evil Drive – “The new album is more melodic and dark”

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As we all know by now, Finland has quite fertile grounds for metal bands. There is such an overflow in bands, that it’s easy to sometimes miss a band even when they’ve been around for a while already. One such band that seemed to have missed our radar somehow is Evil Drive. The melodic (death) metal outfit has been working hard since 2013 to get noticed and with their new album ‘Demons Within’ they might catch people’s attention. Time to sit down with Viktoria (vocals), Ville (guitars), J-P (guitars) and Antti (drums) to have a chat about the new album, their influences, sound and future…

We discuss how ‘Demons Within’ sounds more melodic and dark than their earlier work and how somehow their sound packs more of a punch on the new release than their earlier work. For a Finnish melodic death metal band, they have a strong Swedish melodeath sound (in the direction of bands like Arch Enemy, At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity and old In Flames). Which is an interesting feat since most of them haven’t really listened to those bands before. They reckon it stems from the fact that they have a lot of same influences as those bands (like Slayer and Iron Maiden). We also touch shortly on the very personal lyrics touching both the good and bad sides of life and how especially one track is very deep and personal for Viktoria. They also mention that they’re working on new material already, this time with their latest members Antti (drums) and Matti (bass) influencing how they’re writing and recording quite a bit. This led to discovering a new and more diverse sound, which they are very eager to share with the world as soon as they can. Something to look forward to for sure!

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