Interview myGRAIN – “The diversity makes the album even more interesting”

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Finnish melodeath outfit myGRAIN is making a full-on comeback with their fifth album ‘V’. At SaariHelvetti in Tampere, where they played their only festival show of the year (read the report here), we caught up with them briefly and talked a bit about their first single ‘Haunted Hearts’ and how the album artwork came to be (watch the interview here). But since then we dug deeper into the new album and really liked what we heard. So when we had to opportunity to meet up with the guys again at a calmer place to talk more detailed about some of the tracks and recording the new album, we grabbed it with both hands…

We caught up with Tommy, Joni and Janne at The Riff in Helsinki shortly before their pre-listening event and asked some questions about certain tracks like ‘The Nightmare’, ‘Out of this Life’, ‘Haunted Hearts’ and ‘Waves of Doom’. They also discuss how it was to put together an epic track of 13 min long for this album and including synths/keyboards on the album without actually having a keyboardist around.

For all of that and much more, watch the interview on our Youtube channel or right here:

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