Interview Oceanhoarse pt. 1 – “This represents us the best the way we are”

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Finland is very well known for delivering quality metal bands and having the most metal bands per capita in the world. You can very well call the country the “heavy metal capital of the world”. There are a bunch very established bands that have millions of fans, but luckily heavy metal is very much alive and has new promising outfits popping out of the foil like crazy. One of those of late you could say are frontrunners of the NWOFHM (New Wave Of Finnish Heavy Metal)… meet OCEANHOARSE!

Since they appeared almost out of nowhere, they’ve been steadily using the quite unique tactic of only releasing (digital) singles to stay relevant and keep the momentum going. Now they finally released a physical EP called ‘Voluntary Bends‘ and we went to ask a couple of questions about that to vocalist Joonas and bassist Jyri.

They told us why you should get this EP (it’s quite the package), how they handle the covers they regularly play (including Slipknot‘s ‘Duality‘ with an Oceanhoarse twist that can be found on the EP) and who they’d love to work with in the future as a guest vocalist or musician to record an epic track. Check out the full conversation right here:

For more Oceanhoarse:

Check out the ‘Voluntary Bends’ EP here:

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