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Coffin Mulch – Septic Funeral

Coffin Mulch showcases different styles from Swedish death metal to punk D-beat. However, if you are into the doomier side of death metal then you will find some...

Mayhem – Atavistic Black Disorder/Kommando

'Atavistic Black Disorder/Kommando' is essential for the die hard fans of Mayhem.

Witch Vomit – Abhorrent Rapture

'Abhorrent Rapture' conveys a pummeling approach to death metal and stand as one of the strongest acts in the genre.

Deiquisitor – Humanoid

'Humanoid' is by far one of the best EPs released this year. If you are into old-school brutal death metal, then I recommend checking out their latest effort.

Vøidwomb – Altars of Cosmic Devotion

On the EP 'Altars of Cosmic Devotion' Vøidwomb accentuates the well-crafted riffs and this certainly defines the songwriting composition of the Portuguese quintet.

Disembodiment- Mutated Chaos

Disembodiment has conveyed great ideas within the short time length of this EP. For now I will be spinning this record and keep my eyes open for their future releases....

Fossilization – He Whose Name Was Long Forgotten

The Brazilian duo offer a harrowing experience as they manage to brew their own brand of death/doom metal.

Sumeru – Blood Ordinance

Australian sludge metallers of Sumeru released a duo of scathing tracks that have definitely some interesting elements in them!

Hath – Hive EP (reissue)

New Jersey melodeath masters Hath re-released their 2015 EP with a few bonus features.

Death Angel cover ‘Under Pressure’ for surprise EP

Legendary thrashers Death Angel cover legendary rockers Queen and David Bowie.