Album Reviews

With the latest EP Bavarian death metal act Nekrovault continues to sculpt its reputation as a promising newcomer into the genre of death metal.

There are modern rock and melodic metal parts in this EP, there are classical parts, there are parts where it’s all combined into one. But most of all, I love storytelling and these Tales are amazing.

Coffin Mulch showcases different styles from Swedish death metal to punk D-beat. However, if you are into the doomier side of death metal then you will find some interesting songs on the band’s first official release.

‘Atavistic Black Disorder/Kommando’ is essential for the die hard fans of Mayhem.

‘Abhorrent Rapture’ conveys a pummeling approach to death metal and stand as one of the strongest acts in the genre.

‘Humanoid’ is by far one of the best EPs released this year. If you are into old-school brutal death metal, then I recommend checking out their latest effort.

On the EP ‘Altars of Cosmic Devotion’ Vøidwomb accentuates the well-crafted riffs and this certainly defines the songwriting composition of the Portuguese quintet.

Disembodiment has conveyed great ideas within the short time length of this EP. For now I will be spinning this record and keep my eyes open for their future releases. Recommended for fans of Incantation, and, Rottrevore.

The Brazilian duo offer a harrowing experience as they manage to brew their own brand of death/doom metal.

Australian sludge metallers of Sumeru released a duo of scathing tracks that have definitely some interesting elements in them!