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Gyze – The Rising Dragon EP

I can tell you one thing: this band is on their way to the top.

Thrash metal legends Sodom will release new EP in November!

Sodom got recently reformed, but they're about to show you that they're still able to kick your sorry little ass with a soon to be released EP!

Black metal band Aseroe announces their self-titled album & box set release

Aseroe is bringing something atmospheric and progressive to black metal that is both hypnotic and terrifying...

Gyze announce European tour dates and brand new EP ‘The Rising Dragon’ is out now!

Gyze just released a new EP and are coming to Europe this Summer!

Gateway – Boundless Torture

Gateway's Boundless Torture EP review, a crawling hunk of noisy creeping death.

Our Common Sense – Mankind’s Worst To Know

Mankind's Worst to Know, the very first EP of Belgian band Our Common Sense.

Candlemass premiere video for their upcoming new EP ‘House of Doom’

Candlemass, the Swedish pioneers of timeless slowness are back in top form, distilling the essence of epic doom metal!