Disembodiment- Mutated Chaos

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Hailing from the Quebec province Canadian underground death metal act Disembodiment released their debut effort “Mutated Chaos” via Everlasting Spew Records. Formed in 2020 the quartet focuses on death grind and death doom metal offering five tracks in the vein of the American death metal bands of the 2000s. Although nothing groundbreaking here, the EP accentuates the hardcore breakdowns and grooves with the guitars loaded with fat, chunky riffs. Disembodiment offers a variety of styles from slow doom passages to a mid-tempo groove, allowing the drums to execute many blast beats. 

The filthy reek of deathly gore and doomy riffs on the opening track ‘Ceaseless Discharge‘ incubates and morphs slowly before the drum onslaught reaps the growing intensity of the guitar riffs. The reverberation of the gut-wrenching growls resounds from the deep with a slow, menacing vocal tone layered with the bass guitar. One of the main strengths are the excellent drum fills. Despite the short duration of the EP which lasts only for fifteen minutes, Disembodiment offers many transitions from slow death metal to an up-tempo pace. You can notice the nuances of the growls in each track of the debut EP and I’d say that bass guitar is one of the major components of the song structure. 

‘Transcendent Upheaval of Unholy Graves‘ contains a variety of styles. The guitar sounds groovier backed by grinding drums. The contagious boss HM2 guitar tone adds a brutal heavy tone with the double bass kicks. ‘Mutated Chaos‘ emphasizes the doom influences of cavernous death metal. ‘Mephitic Gunk of Putrefied Limbs‘ is one of the shortest songs spanning for a minute and forty-four seconds. It is played at mid-tempo, then develops a faster pace. The drums provide a good amount of blast beats and you can hear some pulverizing double bass and blast beats adding brutality to the track. The vocals offer deep, cavernous growls reverberating with the chopping drums and the chugging riffs discharging heavy pitches. There is definitely a great quality of rotten riffs and sickening growls of putrid death metal here.  

‘Sickening Abominations Terrorizing at Night‘ is only two minutes long, but Disembodiment hits the full mark with tremolo-picked guitars played intensely. The guitars provide pacing riffs when the mid-paced grooves shifting to rapid blast beats, whereas the guitars emanate a chilling atmosphere of gore and horror. Soaked in the slow reverb of death-doom metal ‘Mutated Chaos‘ ventures in slow and horrifying moments on the closing ‘Below the Mind of Morbidity‘. This is a gnarly and twisted track played at the slow to mid pacing level of American death metal style. The heavy pounding of the bass guitar is incredibly catchy and works in conjunction with the drums that offer a variety of double bass.

Finally, this debut shows some excellent qualities from this Canadian quartet. Disembodiment has conveyed great ideas within the EP’s short time length. For now I will be spinning this record and keep my eyes open for their future releases. Recommended for fans of Incantation and Rottrevore.

Release Date: May 6th, 2021
Label: Caligari Records (Cassette) and Everlasting Spew Records (CD)
Track list

  1. Intro
  2. Ceaseless Discharge
  3. Transcendent Upheaval of Unholy Graves
  4. Mephitic Gunk of Putrified Limbs
  5. Sickening Abominations of Terrorizing at Night
  6. Below The Mind of Morbidity


  • Music9/10
  • Vocals/Lyrics9/10
  • Production/Packaging8/10
  • Artwork8/10
  • Originality8/10
8.4 The Canadian quartet integrates death grind and death doom metal on this five track offering in the vein of the American death metal bands of the 2000s.
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