Album Reviews

California-based retro death metal quartet Mortuous offers a feast of filthy riffs on the sophomore release ‘Upon Desolation’ which blends different styles from death and doom metal, similar to bands like Necrot, Autopsy and Vastum. Out on Carbonized Records.

For the true old-school death metal aficionados Chaotian’s first full-length album ‘Effigies of Obsolescence’ is worthy of your time and money. The Danish trio presents an amalgam of U.S. death metal in its most primitive form. Out on Dark Descent and Me Saco Un Ojo Records.

Undeath’s sophomore release ‘It’s Time… to Rise from the Grave’ captures its trademark brutal elements and still manages to hold its own style by delivering a sense of freshness and death metal brevity.

Viogression’s 3rd full-length album “3rd Stage of Decay” offers a heavy slab of old school death metal morbidity with unforgettable riffs that bear the late 80s and early 90s trademarks! Out via Satanath Records!

Sentient Horror has mastered the sheer power of the Swedish style of death metal and the fact that they have left fans anticipating a return to action on the third album “Rites of Gore” is a powerful onslaught of aggression.

Cryptworm on its full length album “Spewing Mephitic Putridity” managed to sum up the putrid styles of the Finnish masters Demilich, and the guttural nuances of Undergang.

On the sixth album “Agma” Wombbath initiates a rather morbid approach to death metal making it the best effort since the debut album.

With the sophomore ‘Chimaera’ Phrenelith has transformed into an inspiring institution for contemporary bands.

Abscession on the sophomore “Rot of Ages” managed to exhibit new musical grounds of Stockholm death metal.

“Hideous Entity” is a bludgeoning death metal album brought by the methods of the Danish and the Turkish style of death metal.