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A few months after dropping ‘V’, Havok is releasing the music video for the album’s second track ‘Fear Campaign’.

After 7 years of relatively being dormant, myGRAIN is back by announcing their upcoming new album “V”!

Album Reviews

Finnish melodeath outfit myGRAIN comes back with a renewed and rejuvenated sound and energy on their new release ‘V’!

‘V’ is fueled by aggression and the coherent intensity the songs is inflated by the dynamic enthusiasm, but its consistency makes some of the tracks sound average.

‘Totenzug: Festering Peregrination’ will take you into a dark journey to the murky depths of the miasmic abyss.

Fifteen years of those delicious fuzzy riffs we’ve all come to love


Watch the interview with the guys of myGRAIN in which we dive deeper into some of the tracks of their new album ‘V’ and how recording without a keyboardist was like.

We caught up with the guys of myGRAIN at SaariHelvetti to have a relaxed chat about their comeback and upcoming album “V”. Check it out!