Interview myGRAIN at SaariHelvetti 2020

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Finland delivers quality music in almost every rock and metal genre imaginable, as good as always with a special touch. On that level, Finnish melodic death metal have been gaining more and more appreciation around the world. An outfit that has been around for quite a while, but was very quiet for a long time, seems to have reared its head again. Not too long ago, myGRAIN announced their upcoming new album and even released a first single of that album already. Time for a chat with them it seems…

At SaariHelvetti, one of the very few festivals that actually still happened during the summer of 2020, we caught up with some of the guys from myGRAIN. We had a relaxed chat with Tommy (vocals), Joni (guitars) and Teemu (guitars) about playing their 1st show in a year (and how nervous they were about it), their upcoming new album “V”, latest single, how the collaborations went with the videographer for the music video and the graphic designer for the album cover, while accompanied by festival noises on the background.

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