Interview Block Buster – “We’ve been waiting for the right time”

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Finland is known as a country with a whole lot of metal bands. But they also have their fair share of rock bands bringing the heat. One of those bands that has been on the rise for a couple of year now, is Block Buster. They bring a high energy brand of hard rock, inspired by the greats like AC/DC, but with a modern twist. First time they came on my radar was back in 2016 when I first visited Tuska festival and now they’re finally unleashing their debut full-length album on the world.

In our conversation with the brothers Jaakko (drums) and Aarni Metsäpelto (vocals & guitar) we figured out why it took so long for them to get their full-length album released and how excited they are to be releasing their music on Frontiers Music. We also got to hear that the guys lately have mostly been listening to synthwave and Jaakko gave a shout out to the Philadelphia based outfit Night Sins. Check out the whole conversation here:

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