Interview Mr. Lordi part 2 – “I will never ever want to go back to recording the way we used to do”

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Picture: Lordi at Rockfest 2019 in Finland, by Vaim Hull Photography

The monsters of Lordi are back with a brand new release under the form of a fictional compilation album called ‘Killection’. The still very popular band might have released their best work to date with that album. So when I got the opportunity on a sunny Winter day in Finland to go meet with the creative brain and main monster of the gang, Mr. Lordi, I didn’t hesitate for a bit. Here is the second part of our conversation (for the 1st part go here):

In this second part, Mr. Lordi discusses how much of an honor it was for him and the band to be able to record a song written by Paul Stanley and Jean Beauvoir, as they all are big Kiss fans. He also tells us the story of how it all came together to get ‘Like A Bee To The Honey’ recorded. Besides that, he also tells us that he never wants to go back to recording their albums the way they used to do, explaining a bit more about his thoughts on that matter.

For all the details, go have a look on our Youtube channel or just right here:

For more Lordi:

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