Interview RRRags – “We wanted to see people dance instead of moshing or headbanging”

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In 2018 one of our writers discovered this interesting new project called RRRags at Roadburn festival that year. RRRags is comprised of Belgian Rob Martin (Bliksem) on drums/vocals and Dutch Ron van Herpen (Astrosoniq, Molasses, TDB) on guitar and Rob Zim (The Lords of Altamont) on the bass. Being really excited about the band, she wrote up an adoring review of their self-titled debut album back then (for the review go here), trying to bring them to the attention of more people. Almost 2 years later, we receive an email that RRRags is about to release their new album ‘High Protein’ (out May 29th, 2020) and if we’d like to have a chat with them. So on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I sat down and gave Rob Martin a call to hear what he had to say…

During the Skype call, Rob talks about their sophomore album ‘High Protein’ and how they’ve done things quite much the same again as with their debut. The main difference he could think of, is that there isn’t an instrumental jam this time around. But RRRags is mostly a very spontaneous collective, in which they kind of go with the flow and are very much song based and inspired by the classic big rock power trios like Cream, Blue Cheer and Grand Funk Railroad. With their music and ‘High Protein’ they kind of aim at “feel good” heavy rock that is perfect for Summer or a roadtrip with the wind blowing through your hairs. Rob also shortly talks about opening some shows for Monster Magnet, bands they’d love to play with and how cool their first proper show was, since it took place at Roadburn 2018. He actually ended up telling how the 3 guys ended up meeting through Roadburn and form RRRags.

For all of that and more, watch the interview on our Youtube channel or here:

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