Interview to live among wolves – “Give your local band a chance, try to support your local scene”

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On a daily basis we get blasted by heaps of mails of labels, bands and the lot if we could write something about them. It’s pretty hard to pick out the really small, independent and beginning bands from that tidal wave. But from time to time, one manages to squeeze themselves through and pop up into our attention. Dutch hardcore/punk outfit to live among wolves is one of those. They recently released their second EP called ‘(dis)honored’ and being quite impressed with what we heard, we thought it to be interesting to have a chat with one of the guys.

Guitarist/vocalist Fedde was the one who greeted us on the other side of the screen and he told us a bit about to live among wolves and the EP ‘(dis)honored’, where the overall theme seems to be about rising up and breaking free from what is holding you down, whether it be personal or political. He discusses their sound and main inspirations musically and we end up talking about the crazy shit that usually happens at their live shows. Fedde was also nice enough to drop a bunch of names of local bands that he things you should check out, so definitely go have a look at the video on our Youtube channel or just right here:

For more to live among wolves:

For the mentioned Spotify playlist that Fedde curates, follow this link:

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