Interview Michael Monroe at Rockfest 2023 – “We’ll always be connected by that tragic event”

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As a long time fan, and having grown up listening to Hanoi Rocks and anything else Michael Monroe has done musically, I couldn’t pass on the possible opportunity to get to have a talk with the man himself while being at Rockfest 2023 as press. So we send in a request for an interview, and much to our delight, we got approved to sit down with the Finnish rock ‘n’ roll icon just before he had his show at the festival. After a seemingly endless wait in the little corner we got at the backstage, the whirlwind that is Michael Monroe appeared and off we went for what turned into a really fun and interesting talk about a bit of everything from his anniversary show of last year, to meeting Vince Neil for the first time, and reconnecting with Nikki Sixx at Rockfest the day before, to the upcoming Michael Monroe album, the much anticipated documentary about his life, the recent Lords Of The New Church reunion show and more!

Michael Monroe talks candidly about meeting Vince Neil for the first time, reconnecting with Nikki Sixx, upcoming Michael Monroe album, documentary about the life of Michael Monroe and the official release date, Lords Of The New Church reunion show and more!

As I already said in the intro, the one and only, Michael Monroe rushed in with his usual high energy just before hitting the stage at Rockfest. We started off by talking a bit about what to expect from the always energetic and unpredictable Michael Monroe band shows, and the 1 year anniversary of the I Live Too Fast To Die Young album. When asked, Michael Monroe reveals that the band is hitting the studio and is planning to release new material hopefully soon. Something we’re looking forward a lot, as he shared that for the first time in a long time, there is absolutely nothing prepared yet. So we’re really excited to see what will come out of those jamming/brainstorm sessions!

Monroe also talked about the upcoming Demolition 23 reunion shows in Finland later this year, talking a bit how the project ended up getting back together and playing as the “opening band” for his anniversary show last year. There could be a chance that we still see more of Demolition 23 in the future, but he didn’t make any sure promises.

Another thing that is highly anticipated by us, and by people all over the world, is the upcoming documentary about his life, that will include appearances of family and Finnish friends (so get ready to brush up on your Finnish if you don’t want to read subtitles), and many of his music friends like Alice Cooper and others. He revealed that the official premiere will be held in Finland at first, most likely on September 29th, to then unleash the documentary upon the world shortly after.

After seeing Mr. Monroe sharing some posts on social media the day before of him meeting the Mötley Crüe guys at Rockfest, we felt we had to ask about how the meeting went and how it came together. He spoke candidly about meeting Nikki Sixx and reconnecting with his old friend, and meeting Vince Neil for the first time ever, and what led up to this encounter. From what he was saying, it sounds like the hatchet has been buried once and for all, stating that he doesn’t want any bad blood in his life and that it should be all about love. Life is too important to hold grudges or have any negativity in it.

In the end, Monroe stated that he is the happiest he’s ever been talking about the wild year he’s had since he turned 60 years old, having the Hanoi Rocks reunion show at his anniversary, and how it came together, finally releasing the real proper mix as it was always meant to be for the classic album ‘Oriental Beat’, his current band and also doing vocals at the Lords Of The New Church reunion show this past April.

Hear all this and more from our interview with the legend himself, Mr. Michael Monroe!

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