Interview InVisions – “Keep supporting, keep listening, we’ll be back with a bang!”

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InVisions is a UK-based up-and-coming metalcore act that has been getting quite some attention recently, with even a main stage show at Hellfest in 2022! They were in the middle of their summer Europe tour playing with bands like Spiritbox, Asking Alexandria, Born of Osiris and more when we caught up with vocalist Ben Ville in a Zoom call before their show that night at Skaters Palace in Münster, Germany for a short chat…

When we start talking with Ben, we very briefly talk about the struggle of touring in the heat that has been hitting Europe hard lately, but quickly dive into how great this tour has been so far. InVisions got invited by Spiritbox to join them again supporting at select shows, and managed to flesh out (and make it financially feasible) by getting shows with Born of Osiris or even a last minute show with Asking Alexandria. Ben was still a bit on a high about the fact that they got to play the same show as Asking Alexandria the night before after they managed to get themselves added to that bill last minute!

Once their mainland Europe tour has wrapped up, they’ll return to the UK where there is some more fun waiting for them with upcoming shows at Techfest and Bloodstock, both with stacked line-ups. Ben mentioned a couple of bands that he’ll check out at Techfest and recommends everyone to check out when they can.

We shortly discuss how their merch game is on point with seemingly offering really high quality items with great designs, setting themselves apart from bands who just slap a print on a shirt and call it a day. Ben explained to us that from the very beginning they wanted both create merch that they themselves would like to wear and fork out some extra cash to get the better quality than what you standard get. Because it shows that they care and who they are. And putting so much care in something like merch is a thing that we see as a quite common attitude with bands who are completely independent, just like InVisions is.

It seems being independent is something that really works for them the way it is right now, even though it requires some extra work and effort. But wrapping up 2022 with over 5 million streams on Spotify is definitely not doing bad! We talk a bit how it’s a excellent time right now to be an independent band and how the (metalcore) scene is really great right now, with tons of amazing bands and a very supportive sort of community almost.

We also talk a bit about their almost 1,5 year old album ‘Deadlock‘, and what that album still means for the band. Looking back at the release of that album, Ben feels like it has opened a lot of doors for the band and that it’s most certainly their best album (for now). While he calls themselves as a not relevant band, they still manage to tour on that album and give their best every single show. However, don’t worry, they are working hard on some new material, and Ben was promising us that it’s going to hit hard! Something to really look forward to!

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