Interview Fixation – “I want to make people think or maybe even change their mindset with my lyrics”

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When Devin Townsend is in town, you know you want to pay attention and make sure you attend for a night of great music. Something you also might want to pay attention to, are the bands that Hevy Devy brings with him. Quite often they’re either magnificent bands in their own rights, or promising up-and-coming acts. And that last thing is true for the Norwegian youngsters of Fixation. Rather last minute they were announced to be the openers for the whole European tour of Devin Townsend, and after seeing some other publication raving about Fixation, we knew we wanted to have a quick chat with these guys while they were in the neighborhood.

We met up with the guys at their merch stand where they were greeting and taking pictures with their fans, and even handing out free CD samplers of their music! I peeled vocalist Jonas Hansen away, and settled down in the corner of an empty bar somewhere backstage and had a lovely conversation with the still slightly out of breath singer after their energetic performance earlier that night.

We had a brief conversation on how they got to tour with Devin and how it’s been so far, and how nice he and his whole crew is. A lot of sites have been naming Fixation as “a band to watch”, which is something still somewhat unbelievable for Jonas and the rest of the guys, and they feel extremely lucky with where they are right now and where it’s going since they’ve basically been together making music since high school.

When asking Jonas what he is trying to channel through their music and his lyrics, he talks about how music for him has always been something that has been around during the worst of times, the best of times, connected with some of his best memories, so he’s hoping to bring the same to people with their music. But at the same time, he wants to bring up some of the hard topics about how things are wrong in the world, hoping to change people’s minds and make them think. When trying to make Jonas describe Fixation‘s music with just images, he conjures up the striking image of a person surrounded by destruction and fire going around them, something jagged but still with some color to it, showing there is still beauty to be found within all of the crap.

Of course, we shortly touch on the upcoming debut full-length album (release in fall), which is something we’ll be looking forward to. Talking about the interesting blend of metalcore, alternative rock and soaring proggy vibes, brings us to how they all 5 come from different musical backgrounds, bringing that mix, but also to meeting one of his vocal inspirations Einar Solberg on their tour and some of the advice he got from him some time.

For all of that and more go see the full interview on our Youtube channel or right here:
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