Interview Dagoba – “We wanted the choruses to be the highlights of the songs on this album”

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The French metal band Dagoba has been around for almost 25 years now and is a much beloved sight for many, having a reputation for quality, groovy as hell, metal music. While many appreciate them a ton, we feel that they’re still somewhat underrated internationally. Having heard the singles of the new album ‘By Night’ there is a fresh touch to the signature Dagoba sound and we feel that they might be able to ride the “modern metal” wave into internationally more recognition. Time to have a chat with vocalist and sole original member Shawter!

We talked with Shawter about what they did different for this album in sound and approach, and how EDM has inspired the music on this release in both writing catchy songs and using more prominent synths. We also shortly touch on that his lyrics on this album, and actually the former albums as well, are about love in all its levels and all that comes with it. Apparently the album title ‘By Night’ was inspired by how they felt after listening to the whole album and so is everything that goes with the album from artwork to videos. About the upcoming Infected Rain/Dagoba co-headline European tour was quite some nervousness when we talked with Shawter, but at the moment we know that it is still happening with some adjustments. For all those people that are wondering why the hell so many European tours are being cancelled even though the restrictions seem to lighten up, he gives some interesting insights. And lastly, Shawter recommended the EDM artist Zedd as the artist you should check out if you want to try out some modern and intricate material.

‘By Night’ is out on February 18 via Napalm Records.

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