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French modern metal band Dagoba unleash another single and video upon the world from the upcoming new album ‘By Night’!

Dagoba announced their new album and unleashed a first track and video with the song ‘The Last Crossing’!

We’re halfway the festival summer and still the new releases are not slowing down one bit… Check out what is coming this month!

Photo Reports

Infected Rain

Co-headliners Dagoba and Infected Rain on their “ECDYSIS BY NIGHT TOUR 2022” set the small venue Mezz in Breda (NL) on fire!


A chat with vocalist Shawter from Dagoba about the new album ‘By Night’ and much more!

A talk with the guys from French melo death band Think Of A New Kind (T.A.N.K.)

Album Reviews

French metal outfit Dagoba delivers with ‘By Night’ an album that very well might be the next step in their career and a schooling in modern metal! A furious blend of metal, electronic elements and neck breaking moves.

Dagoba has come a long way since their formation in 1997. They became a standard in the French extreme metal scene and have gathered a strong and solid fan base. Now, with Black Nova, they bring their seventh full-length album for which they teamed up with Century Media Records. The band has seen a few […]


February 2022 is yet again brimming with great releases, here’s a small selection of our most anticipated ones!

Festival Reports

Grimm Gent took a trip South to explore the fourth edition of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Festival in Longwy, France.