Hexvessel turned, with the support of Unfyros, Kuudes Linja in Helsinki into a magically doomy place filled with smoke, and darkness.

Earlier this year, Hexvessel released their new album ‘Polar Veil’ via Svart Records, taking the psychedelic folk rock towards the black metal origins of their leader Mat “Khvost” McNerney. And to celebrate the release, they did a few release shows in Finland, of which we got to enjoy the captivating Helsinki show in Kuudes Linja, with support from Unfyros.

Siberian dark folk duo Nytt Land unveiled a new video for the track ‘Johem Ar’, coming from their recently via Napalm Records released album ‘Torem’!

Gåte returned to their full level of folk rock with their new EP ‘Vandrar’, released a couple of days ago via Indie Recordings!

In anticipation of this Friday’s release of their new album ‘Totem’ (out via Napalm Records), Siberian dark folk duo Nytt Land captivates with the new music video for the track ‘Rise of Midgard’!

Siberian dark folk duo Nytt Land unveil the single ‘Huginn Ok Muninn’ from their upcoming album ‘Torem’, set for release next month via Napalm Records. Fans of acts like Heilung, Wardruna and other similar, pay heed!

Helga signs to Season of Mist for future releases! If you’re looking for an exciting mix of black metal, Swedish folk, pop, progressive metal and post-rock, don’t look further!

Ofdrykkja unveil the new exclusive song ‘Bergakall’ featuring guest vocals from Judith De Lotharingie (ex-Skáld)! A mesmerizing and atmospheric track released via AOP Records!

Finland’s Hexvessel is releasing their brand-new, sixth album ‘Polar Veil’ next month via Svart Records and unveiled another single with ‘A Cabin In Montana’, a love letter to nature!