Erlendis & Biocentrik (La Brat Cave, Lille, FR) – 03/02/2024

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Erlendis and Biocentrik were originally supposed to play together late 2023, but due to circumstances that show was cancelled. Come the new year, a new date was announced so we headed over to Lille to witness a few firsts live: Erlendis’ first show in France and Biocentrik’s new form as a one-person project with a strong activist foundation.

Erlendis (icelandic for ‘abroad’) is a Belgian quartet from the french-speaking part of the country performing songs from the North in a whole host of Nordic languages: Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, …

Biocentrik refers to a philosophy centered around all living things and is currently a one-person band. The word band is not an overstatement as the live performance incorporates didgeridoo, accordion, snare drum, drum pad, vocals and what looked to be an overtone flute. All played by the same person. It does make the performer hard to see behind a forest of instruments, though.

Despite the recent changes in the lineup, Biocentrik did not suffer from a lack of material but rather a lack of available time for the wealth of music. The performed pieces were also never boring or empty.

The venue itself is also noteworthy: the concert space is located in the back of an arcade hall filled with oldschool cabinets, giving it a members-only vibe. But don’t get the wrong impression: the atmosphere is very inviting and relaxed.

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