The Rumjacks (De Cinema, Aalst)

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I’ve always been a sucker for Celtic rock and folk punk and if I name these music styles everyone automatically thinks about bands like Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly, but the genre has so much more to offer. All over the world! For example The Rumjacks from Sydney, Australia (very well known for their YouTube hit “An Irish Pub Song”). I’ve never had the chance to see them live. Even missed them in Vienna a few years ago to my disappointment. And this summer I saw a flyer from Rock ‘n Load Concerts with The Rumjacks as headliners! I immediately grabbed my camera, jumped on the opportunity and went off to De Cinema, Aalst.

As support these Aussie Celtic rockers asked Belgian folk punk band Nevermind Nessie whom I had the pleasure announcing on one of their first gigs years ago near the Belgian coast. I instantly loved them and today – years later – I had the chance to behold the evolution they went through. Nevermind Nessie is one of those bands that really grew up over the years delivering solid music in a great and engaging show.

The beautiful thing about this style is that it unites people and doesn’t need anything to do so: Put a skilled band or two into a dark and shady, cosy venue and just add a few beers. The music instantly creates a crazy atmosphere and gets folkies, punkers and metalheads alike dancing around and even with each other. A Celtic evening is the place to be to enjoy yourself, forget about everything and meet new friends while listening to awesome music!


If you’d like to relive this evening through my eyes, check out the pics right here: [flickr_set id=”72157702619152331″]


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