Tesla (Veterans Memorial Civic Center, Lima, OH) – 07/07/2023

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It was Time to Rock on Friday July 7, 2023 as Tesla rolled into downtown Lima, Ohio and absolutely rocked to a SOLD OUT crowd at the Veterans Memorial Civic Center! The Civic Center venue located in downtown Lima, Ohio was alive and buzzing with concert-goers pouring into the doors as soon as it opened for the evening’s concert.

Fastest Land Animal got this started for the night! From beginning to end, they kept their set energetic and got the crowd ready to rock for Tesla!

Tesla is an American rock band with its roots formed in Sacramento, California in 1981. Their first album was released in 1986 and since then the band has had an incredible 40-year career. Current members consist of Brian Wheat [bass], Frank Hannon [guitar], Jeff Keith [lead vocals], Dave Rude [guitar] and Steve Brown [drums]. From start to finish, they kept the crowd in Lima, Ohio rockin’ and rollin’! The room was buzzing the entire night! Tesla played an amazing 18 song set including hits such as ‘Modern Day Cowboy’, ‘Changes’, ‘What You Give’, ‘Little Suzi’ and their hit cover of ‘Signs’. This band has been around for a long time but definitely still put on an amazing show with sound and performance spot on. If you get the opportunity to catch Tesla live, do it, and you won’t be disappointed!

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