You Me at Six (Backstage, Munich) – 01/03/2023

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Once again the biggest room in the Backstage Club, was completely filled to receive another range of high level bands! The expectation was very high to see You Me at Six and the queue to enter the club was huge.

The first to take the stage came from afar, the Australians Yours Truly showed that they are strong and energetic live, especially vocalist Mikaila Delgado, generating a strong reaction from the Munich public.

The second band of the night arrives from the UK and apparently already has their footprints all over Germany, The Hunna put on a show full of youth and desire to please the audience.

The big band of the night has hit the charts several times in the UK, You Me at Six are an experienced band on stage and their songs are sung in unison in at the Backstage Club. They bring with them their latest album ‘Truth Decay’ released earlier this year and although it’s very fresh the crowd already know all the lyrics and help the band make it special. It’s been a while since the band was last in Munich and the audience made sure to welcome them in a very warm and affectionate way. A show of great communication and empathy from all sides, and we sincerely hope and think that You Me at Six deserve an even bigger room with a sea of people to receive so much talent in creating beautiful alternative rock songs that mix several genres.

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