Come To Latin America (On The Rocks, Helsinki) – 27/10/2022

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Last year, there was an interesting competition among some Finnish bands named “Come To Latin America”, where the winner would get to go and show what they got in Latin America. After some voting rounds, the winner that came on top out of 3 remaining bands, was the modern metal outfit Where’s My Bible, who blends some proper extreme metal with a bunch of creativity and different influences. To celebrate the competition, there was somewhat of a showcase night at On The Rocks in Helsinki where the winner Where’s My Bible and the 2 runner ups Noira and Luna Kills got to give us a taste of their work.

Sadly, Noira had to cancel last minute due to some health issues, so we’ll have to catch up with them live some other time. But both Luna Kills and Where’s My Bible still turned it into a fun night of some excellent live performances…

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