Clement Peerens Explosition (De Roma, Antwerp) – 30/12/2022

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Giants of the Antwerp.. what am I saying? Flemish! rock scene Clement Peerens Explosition are calling it quits.

After almost 30 years of rocking Flemish stages, the legendary band around Hugo Matthysen aka Clement Peerens is calling it quits. No longer will they pose existential questions in the vein of  “Do you think my ass looks too big in this skirt?”, demand the TV remote (“Geft da kaske na is hier”) or call out ugly “Foorwijven”. No longer will Clement regale us with his fathomless knowledge of music.

But rockers of their stature cannot go out without a bang. They planned on doing 1 farewell show at the storied Antwerp venue De Roma, but that was not enough for the hungry masses. One show turned into 10 fully sold out shows which, of course, we could not miss! Enjoy the pics below.

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