Billy Talent “Crisis of Faith Tour 2022” (Zenith, die Kulturhalle, Munich) – 13/12/2022

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Canadian Billy Talent stopped in Munich to present their new tour, which brings new songs in the luggage taken from the latest album “Crisis of Faith“.
The band performed 21 songs live in an intense night that everyone hoped would last forever. Sympathy and communication always present in a performance full of energy and fun with much moshpit in a completely packed house and surrendered to the performance of punk rockers.

The Berliners Pabst, who practice an alternative indie-rock sound, opened the venues as well as the British Frank Turner who warmed up the crowd very well, being very nice to communicate all the concert in German with the crowd and the reaction was always hilarious and funny. This was a night that I add to my wish list of bands to photograph, and I am very happy and grateful to have had the opportunity to be there

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